The e-commerce business reaches new heights due to the development of an interesting eCommerce website. Right around an entire year into the worldwide Covid pandemic, its stunning effect on retail is clear and the eCommerce Boom of 2020 has been felt across businesses. Online stores now easily reach out audiences that are interested in a short time & have maximum sales in minimum investment. But there are still some traps that you need to avoid so that they have never ended. Today we will talk about one block of stumbling which if not considered can cause losses in income & then close your online store. You don't have to panic because after this blog your e-commerce business will develop with maximum sales in minimum investment. Even Retail software solution has grown it's demand in the world-wide.

One thing we are talking about is the UI / UX design of your e-commerce website. The design of your website can be one of the hidden obstacles that need to be considered by your website developer from time to time. Understanding one thing clearly that your UI & UX design application is the most important aspect of preparing e-commerce websites will not bring more sales. You will also need SEO services so that it can create a positive impact on the audience. Moreover, According to eMarketer’s predictions, eCommerce sales will reach 14.4% of all US retail spending this year and 19.2% by 2024. Let's understand how to know the design of UX / UI hurt your e-commerce business. According to report the growth of ecommerce software is breaking the roof.

How to find out whether your UI / UX design hurts your e-commerce business?

  1. Purchase Shopping Cart - Customers place items in their shopping basket but do not complete orders are one of the public reasons to understand that there are some problems with the UI / UX design. We understand your points that there are other factors from the end of the client too, which can cause leaving the shopping basket. But the most common reason is that the UI / UX design does not help.
  1. The level of high-value - bounce ratio can be defined as the percentage of visitors to certain websites, bouncing from the site after seeing only one page. If your site has a high ratio then that means the buyer finds it difficult to reach the product they need. So, the development of eCommerce websites must be done by remembering the bounce rate.

These two reasons will tell you that you need to tweak with the UI / UX design on your e-commerce website.

Errors that must be avoided by developing eCommerce websites

  1. Avoid complex navigation - while discussing your online store project with e-commerce website developers, explain that you need a minimum click to complete the purchase. The navigation interface must be simple & intuitive for users to understand. For example, you can have filter & sort options so that your users can easily find the products they are looking for. You can also request navigation bread crumbs with your Ecommerce software development because it makes it easy for users to find themselves & how to return to the next page.
  1. Avoid poor quality images & product descriptions - There are many problems caused by poor quality images & product descriptions on your e-commerce site.

Poor quality images & product descriptions on your eCommerce site can be truly scary because they produce negative customer reviews, refunds & refunds because customers don't get what they really want. Negative reviews can take your site ranking on search engine results pages.

  1. Lost contact information - according to many annual surveys donated by Reports of Web Use are taken from time to time. More than 90% of respondents said that they left the site because there was "no contact information / telephone number" which led it to leave the website.
  1. Not including FAQs & Live Q / A - Google is the largest search engine that supports the user-generated content on the results page. This helps you enter many keywords on your website in the most organized way & give you the benefits to a higher ranking on the SERP.
  1. Avoid details in the product - when it comes to the development of e-commerce websites, every information plays an important role to get results. Sometimes you might need content marketing then choose it because it can be very useful if done correctly. A user tends to believe in your website when the product page offers a complete description of the product. Even if your price is low, without enough information you cannot promote more sales.
  1. Calls to act - each call to act according to the point because it must be separated from the content because this allows users to see the next step to follow clearly. The main & secondary call call links must be distinguished clearly from checkout & continue shopping.
  1. Look for the checkout process - the main motive is to provide your business new identity with the help of e-commerce website development companies. The checkout process is very important for any online store. Shopping baskets must be seen from every page of the site. It must provide every right information including shipping costs, additional tax so that customers know how much they need to pay for certain orders in one way. The entire development of e-commerce websites must be done in a way that ensures the fastest settlement.
  1. Hidden costs - hidden costs are also an industrial trend where online stores try to extract more money from customers. Let's tell you honestly that it is one of the most useless ways to move forward with the process. It can lead without repetitive customers & bad reviews that can be very negative for your business.
  1. Customers cannot understand on the site - if users don't even spend a minute on your website, there are some problems understanding the site. You need to find a way to collect your audience interest with the development of eCommerce web.
  1. Not enough information - sharing mentioned above any information with customers creates a sense of trust & transparency in the process. So, you need to share information such as shipping details, return policies, & contact information. This will allow customers to contact your online store if they need any support.