is a free email service that is widely accepted globally for the last few years. This mail service aims at delivering a user-friendly and barrier-free communication platform to millions of people all over the world.

AOL mail has emerged with standard features to provide an exceptional user experience. It offers unlimited customer support and additional benefits such as world-class spam protection, speed, and reliability.

Today, with this read we will get familiar with one of the aspects of this email service- Shield Pro.

What is AOL Shield Pro?

Haven’t heard about this earlier??

No worries, we have prepared this read for you to let you know about one of the browsing protection facilities offered by

You might be well aware of the email service and the ways to avail of these benefits. Well, email is a channel to carry out the conversation through online mediums i.e. by using the Internet.

Undoubtedly, the online channel has added much ease to our daily lives but on the other hand, we cannot ignore the dark side of it. The biggest threat to functioning things online is that you can become the prey of scammers and hackers.

Keeping this factor in mind, this email provider has come up with a browser protection facility that will protect your sensitive information from going into the hands of hackers.

How does it protect your information?

The next question that arises here is, how it prevents your personal information from getting into the wrong hands. The lineaments of the Shield Pro will be enough to let you understand about it working.

Give a look below at the following points:

  • Anti-keylogging facility: This feature offers real-time encryption, which means whatever information you have entered on your keyboard will be secured under the veil and won’t come into the eye of hackers.
  • Offers screen grab protection: The Shield Pro resists malware from capturing the picture of the sensitive information that you enter on the monitor. This way your data is secured to eliminate the risk of your information leakage.
  • Restricts the scam websites: The above-discussed browsing protection stops the fake website from loading with the aim of preventing you from becoming the prey of hackers and revealing your personal information to them.

Final Verdict is launching ways to safeguard the interest of users by keeping personal data under the layer of security. For this, it has introduced browsing protection: Shield Pro. You can easily install the software and protect your data to restrict unauthorized access to your email account.