I'd really like to see some information on this. It feels like there's more varied dialogue in this one than at Animal Crossing Items any the prior person's to me, and I've got hundreds of hours in every single game. Only difference is that the absence of meaner villagers compared to the first. But I seriously doubt that is the difference maker between 50 and 500 hours for a lot of people in any way.

I really don't have a link but dataminers found months ago the villagers in NH have more lines of dialogue than some of those older games. The problem is in the samey lines that constantly come out the first time you speak to them that day. You need to keep talking to them for to the interesting and more varied stuff, which is still an issue since few people talk to their villagers over a few times every day.

The fact that the most upvoted remark in this thread mentions wanting characters to have stats for mini-games says much about how the men and women who whine about AC with this sub really have no urge to play AC. You would like AC to be a completely different game. I have put a ton of hours to each AC, and NH is without a doubt, the biggest step the franchise has obtained since the first game. The amount of freedom you have to make your town your own is absurd in contrast to the prior game. I can't imagine ever going back to a different one.

I really like Animal Crossing and I agree that faux-RPG mechanisms wouldn't make for a much better Animal Crossing, but in a number of ways New Horizons felt just like measure back from New Leaf. The decoration systems are enhanced but the furniture variety is lacking, so that it felt much more difficult to make something which felt like it's represented me. I've seen lots of very creative layouts, but I've also seen a ton of essentially the specific same kitchen or bedroom or living space. It will not help that they ruined the customization options of NL by creating just like half the items unable to be customized, so forcing you to wait forever or attempt to trade for the right color box couch.

Having the ability to personalize your island is very cool, but the real time aspect means my island constantly felt half baked. I would begin to execute an idea, spend 2 weeks moving buildings, then realize that I do not like the outcome. I suppose I need to focus on the positives of the island reshaping, but that was something which left me feeling bummed.

The tagging system is cool, but the absence of unlimited strength tools has basically made me never want to get the game . I see no reason why golden tools will need to break. Or any tools need to break. Can it be just a mild inconvenience to make/buy brand new tools? Sure. In Breath of the Wild, your firearms break. Some found this annoying, I really liked it. Why? Because it forced me to use different weapons that acted differently, and it gave some importance into the weapons I saved to get powerful enemies. And I had many weapons at once and collected them passively so switching to some other weapon wasn't a chore. In New Horizons, switching to a new fishing rod after yours breaks alters nothing about the gameplay. Each pole is just like the last, there is no importance to any fishing pole. Unless you're actively timing your use to coincide with trips to offer your fish then you are going to need to waste time working to buy Animal Crossing Bells a shop or crafting seat. It is a badly designed system that straight up destroyed fishing and bug catching.