Painkillers have become extremely important these days due to growing stress amongst people in today’s scenario. People suffer from mild to acute pain in every part of the body so the need for painkillers arise. The most famous painkillers used these days are Non Stroidal Anti- inflammatory drugs and Paracetamols. Tapentadol is also a painkiller. It acts centrally and is of benzenoid class. It has dual mode of action. It combines mu-opioid receptor agonism with noradrenaline reuptake inhibition in the same molecule. It treats medium level to severe chronic pains. Two types of Tapentadol available are Immediate Release i.e. IR and Extended Release ER. Tapentadol tablets are used for treating severe pain caused by nerve damage i.e neuropathic pain in the patients who are diabetic.


Non- medical Use

For survey purposes Non – medical use (NMU) means “in a way not prescribed” which means:

1)      Medicine which is not prescribed to you

2)      Taking a medicine for something which it was not prescribed for.

3)      Use of medicine with a different intention than it was prescribed for.


Surveys and interviews relating to Tapentadol

Various surveys and interviews have been done on the non-medical use of Tapentadol {Brand name available are Nucynta and Nucynta ER}. People who participated in the survey replied to questions regarding non-medical prescription opioid, stimulant, and illicit drug use. The primary goal of this program is to provide frequent and timely surveillance of the nonmedical use of specific prescription drugs among college students. The medicine is mostly taken in oral form
but some users inhaled (by smoking or snorting) Others injected it as well.

The net result shown by them was that it was being used for recreational purposes. Participants of the survey agreed that Tapentadol is a very unique Opioid and not many recreational drug abusers knew about it. Some of them did not experience any high taking that drug but others did experience recreational effects. Opinion varied from person to person as opiod tolerance level is different for different people.

Some people who inject drugs regularly Use Tapentadol as well. If high dosage of tapentadol is taken it has atypical effects. Tapentadol can become a habit if taken regularly and can lead to addiction and even death of a person. In a recent review it has been noted that not much data is available relating to Tapentadol.

It’s use

Though being a scheduled drug it has got huge abuse potential. But still this opioid is not widely being used in spite of its easy accessibility and low cost. Tapentadol has even being consumed for committing suicide or some consumed psychotropic effect and intentional misuse. Hence it can be concluded that recreational drug abusers are less interested in Tapentadol than other opioids. Since its launch, rates of nonmedical Tapentadol IR use by college students have been low and have decreased over time. 

One can buy Tapentadol online. Even cash on delivery is an option available to order tapentadol. It is hence concluded that we can buy Tapentadol without prescription as well.