Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel was stunned to see the London millionaire score points for Manchester United in their 1-1 draw in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge on November 28. In spite of his team being able to play better than the Red Devils clearly.

Sing the Blues invaded the away team from the beginning. and was dizzy many times But the side conceded the first goal from the mistake of Jorginho, who tried to connect the ball to the ground and caused Jadon Sancho to score a goal, leading Manchester United to take the lead before the Italian national team midfielder killed an equalizer. to the host

“It can happen in football games. Unfortunately, it has happened to us twice already. It happened against Burnley," the German boss said.

     “Of course I'm happy with the form. We ruled the game from the start. We play aggressively and never stop invading Unfortunately we scored two goals for each side.”

     The opportunity to strike the goal in the late game of Antonio Rudiger, who stomped over the crossbar, although no one controls Tuchel said, "It's a golden opportunity. If he shoots It's probably the most beautiful form. But we have to embrace the result, we played well and I am happy.”

     “We played disciplined and decisive, I'm happy with what I saw. It's satisfying for the coach on the sidelines. We cannot guarantee results. But if we play like this We will be able to achieve results.”

     For Romelu Lukaku, who recovered from injury, came back to play as a late backup. The home team's coach has said. "If he's fully fit He will be our real person. But now he's not full. But if we can get close to the door of the competitors I thought maybe he could help us more.”