Energy costs are on the rise! Commercial places like malls, hospitals, banks, retail centers- insulating helps cut fuel bills. With that said the need for insulation in commercial places is being scaled up to a great extent. Business associates can bring about certain convenient changes in their day-to-day office styles, resulting in substantial energy savings. An office energy audit can save hundreds of dollars with tips on refining energy use and making a commercial space more efficient. 

Research conducted by National Energy Audit Coalition in the year 2010 articulates that an average commercial building loses one third of its conditioned air through the walls and roof; this means that 60% of the energy is wasted. When diverted the idea towards saving energy, insulation came up with a bang. 

Insulating saves up to 30% on heating and cooling bills.                          

The best part is a properly installed insulation can save you between 30 to 50 percent on your High Voltage Alternating Current costs. Following are some of the benefits of commercial insulation: 

Amplified energy efficiency- In view of the fact that, insulation averts energy from seeping out, an amplified energy is gained leading to reduced utility bills. 

    Reduced exterior noises- Absorbs sound and reduces noise transfer by up to 80%. 

    Elevated levels of comfort- keeping your building more comfortable, the right amount of insulation always keeps your building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer year round. 

    Decreases the amount of carbon emissions and facilitates superior indoor air quality. 

    Can be applied to surfaces that already have insulation. 

    Keeps your occupants comfortable through all seasons. 

When you want to save money and reduce energy use in your commercial building, one of the budget-friendly and most effective means would be to take up commercial insulation.