The X-Men have just come face-to-face with an enormous alien threat and they're fighting it by combining their powers to create giant-sized weapons.

The current iteration of the X-Men was designed as a protector for the entire world, not just the mutant-types. With that mission in mind, teams need to be flexible, creative, and strong in their actions. If their first battle is any indication, the mutants are ready to drop (and even make) anything they need.

The first challenge to the newly assembled X-Men roster finally required a unique response. Namely, for the team to build a giant Sentinel-sized mech suit out of spare metal from a nearby construction site and pilot it like Megazord from Power Rangers.

With the events of the Hellfire Gala still reverberating throughout the Marvel Universe, the newly selected X-Men have established themselves once again as superheroes for the entire world -- starting with establishing a new base within the confines of New York City. The Treehouse quickly becomes a tourist attraction for curious New Yorkers, a boon to the local neighborhood -- and a huge target, with a massive alien creature known as the Mind-Reaver invading the city with psychic attacks. To deal with the threat, Jean and Polaris quickly set up shields to protect themselves, Cyclops, Synch, Wolverine, Rogue, and Sunfire. Thanks to recently using his powers in concert with Forge, Synch was able to quickly come up with a plan to allow the X-Men to respond to the creature.

Polaris can pull steel from various construction sites around New York City and create high-rise mechanisms. Each of the X-Men essentially gets their role in making the best use of the machine. Marvel Girl uses her telepathy to connect the team psychically. The Rogue and Polaris effectively train the arms, with Polaris' magnetic control and Rogue powers allowing them to operate the limbs with ease.The former is capable of channeling its optical blast through the armor on the mechanism's head, while the Sunfire can fire its flames through the large X symbol Polaris creates on the engine.

Finally, after the creature showed weakness from the battle, Wolverine -- who had been waiting and waiting for such a moment -- was kicked straight at him. Effectively functioning as a live bullet in the super-charged Fastball Special, Wolverine pierces the creature through a newly created hole in its defenses and begins slicing through objects with its claws until the creature falls. By the time Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers arrived to help, the X-Men had brought down the creature -- earning the praise of their heroic allies.

The fact that the X-Men can craft mechanics on the fly is impressive, especially considering the Voltron/Megazord elements of the machine, such as the crew operating various parts of the machine or harnessing their abilities to power it. in exciting ways. They even made it a permanent solution to future problems, turning it into a beacon for the Krakoan Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. The X-Men intend to tinker with the machine and potentially even give it more power, which could make it one of the most useful X-Men defense mechanisms to use in the protection of the world.

It's also interesting to see that, among the many tools the X-Men have at their disposal, they can now also bring giant mechs to battle -- especially considering not only all the Earth-bound threats to mutants but the galaxy as well. a problem that could turn their attention to Earth as a whole after the mutants take command of Mars.


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