Epson Printer Offline is a common error which must be solved as soon as possible to ensure productive printing. Epson is a leading company which specialises in developing high-quality printers and other computer-related products. It offers a wide range of printers. All the models are designed with a user-friendly interface, high-quality features and budget-friendly prices. As no device is free from errors. Likewise, Epson printers also show the common error- Epson Printer Says Offline.

When you connect your Epson printer and set it to start printing, but your computer is unable to print your file. It means your printer cannot communicate with the computer. Hence, it will show the Epson Printer Offline error. This error occurs for a variety of reasons. To solve the issue, we are providing a complete guide on various troubleshoot which will help you in resolving this error.

Causes Of Epson Printer Offline Error

Knowing the cause of the Epson Printer Says Offline is needed for successfully solving the issue. Following are some common causes of the error.Consider these causes before you start with the troubleshooting of the error.

How To Fix Epson Printers Offline Error- Windows

Solution 1: Uncheck “Use Printer Offline” Option

In Windows devices, checkmark on use printer offline option can be the reason for this error. So, to solve the issue, you have to follow the given steps.

1- Firstly, hold the “window” key and “R” key simultaneously. This will open the run box. 

2- Now, type “control” in the required field.

3- Press “OK” to continue with the process. 

4- In the next window, you have to select “Hardware and Sound” option followed by clicking “Devices and Printer”.

5- From the list of printers, right-click on “Epson Printer”.

6- Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

7- In the properties box, ensure that “use printer offline” option is unchecked. If it is selected, then disable the option by unchecking it.  

8- Lastly, click “Ok” to save the settings.

Solution 2: Reinstallation of Epson Printer

For solving the error of Epson Printers offline, another method that you can use is to remove the printer and reinstall it again in your system. Follow the below-given steps to solve the error.

1- Firstly, open the start menu by clicking on the windows icon from the bottom left corner of the screen. 

2- Open “Control Panel” from the start menu list.

3- In the next window, click “Hardware and Sound”.

4- Now, click “Devices and Printers”.

5- Select “Epson Printer” and right-click the icon.

6- From the drop-down menu, select “Remove the device”.

7- Wait, until the process of removing the Epson printers completes.

8- Now, reboot your device. 

9- After restarting your device, you have to again go to Printers and Device in the control panel.

10- In the next window, click “Add a device”. You will get this option on the top left corner of the screen. 

11- A popup box will appear. Now, click “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer” option. 

12- Consequently, it will start searching for the nearby printer device. 

13- Once you see Epson Printer in the list, select it.

14- Click “Next” and it will re-add your Epson printer in your system. 

These steps will solve the Epson Printer Error and now you can fulfill your printing needs without any error.

Solution 3: Check Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

SNMP issue is found to obstruct the computer and printer connectivity in almost every windows version. SNMP protocol sends log information to various sources for solving the errors. When the response it gets is not perfect, it assumes printer on offline mode. To solve the SNMP issue, you just have to disable the SNMP. 

For disabling, you have to uncheck the SNMP status box. You will get this option in the port section of printer properties. Unchecking SNMP will help you in solving the offline printer error.

Solution 4: Restart Print Spooler Service

By restarting the Print Spooler Service, you might be able to solve the Epson printer offline error. Spooler service is used by the printer for managing prints. For restarting the service, follow the given steps.

1- Firstly, press “Windows” and “R” key simultaneously.

2- In the run box, enter “services.msc” in the required field. 

3- Now, click “Ok”.

4- This will open the services window.

5- Search for “Print Spooler” service from the list.

6- Right-click on Print Spooler icon.

7- From the drop-down menu, tap “Restart”.

This will restart the service. Now, check for the error. This is not a permanent solution. So, you have to repeat this process every time your system will show the error.

After applying the steps thoroughly, your Epson printer will be back on Online mode and print documents without any hassle so these are the best way if you Epson printer keeps going offline windows 10