but you want to admit... that name, bro, it's Rocket League Credits miles terrible! Now, Psyonix have taken to Twitter to frequently hint at new content material fabric. This time it's miles in a completely, very unique way.

What is the Psyonix / Rocket League Tweet?

The Psyonix Tweet indicates that you "Go to our site, then search for the cap, a room and now no longer the use of a doors withinside.

the the the front or the back". Now, what in the world need to that during all chance mean? Well, some avid Rocket League fans have figured it out, and the fact is a marvel with the intention to make you smile wider than a Fennec's delicious car body... That cap is Mushroom, and even Buy Rocket League Credits as you search "Mushroom" on the Rocket League website, a few element very precise takes vicinity...