Lighters are known to be small devices generally used for lighting cigarettes. It is a small device that is typically filled with gas with a flint that ignites the gas to produce the flame. Nowadays, it is not just an item that only smokers use, although majority of those that uses lighters are smokers. It is used practically just for anything that involves making fire, and so it proves to be a beneficial tool in the household.

With this multipurpose use, no can you refill a bic lighter promotional firms have also considered Bic Lighters as enlightenment to consumers, literally and metaphorically speaking. By using this lighting device as promotional merchandise, the consumer is also enlightened with the brand being promoted. It may be a small item, but it surely does a lot, so much for advertising. Bic Lighters have gained popularity as one of the most used lighters in the market, they are cheaper compared to Zippo, which is also a popular lighter brand, but Bic also has stylish designs. This is the defining factor when it comes to lighters when it is used as promotional merchandise. The more interesting and attractive the design, the most likely people will opt to use it.

Various Types of Lighters

Bic Lighters were one of the pioneers of butane-filled lighters. Butane appears to have less odour and controls flames easily. But other than the butane-filled lighters, there are also a few types of lighters available in stores:

  • Automobile lighter. As the name suggests, this lighter is installed in cars. It is usually housed in a lighter receptacle wherein an electric heating element generates the heat without producing any flame on the lighter but is hot enough to burn.