We're now Madden 23 coins at the core of the matter and the reason I believe Walker at No. 1 is a big mistake for Jacksonville. This is a team that has failed time and time and time again by making their first round picks, especially in the defense line. Whether it's Dante Fowler, Derrick Harvey or Tyson Alualu, the Jags have missed on first round defensive linemen so often it defies belief. The common DNA of these players: Upside over Production.

There is something in the Jaguars that tells this team's front office that they need to try and make waves regardless of the circumstances. It's as if Jacksonville isn't awestruck by the thought striking a homerun, and instead, they'll swing for the fences every chance they get. Whatever number of chances they miss the ball, they'll come back and try to strike it out of the park. If you're interested in knowing what causes a team to be perpetually awful, it's because of this kind of thinking. There's value in playing it safe even when you're not great since that's the only way you can functionally improve.

Any potential upside Travon Walker may have is outweighed by the risk. The Jaguars require solid talent that will anchor their team for the next decade, even if that could mean looking at the prospect of a defensive player with 15 sacks while you've got a player with a 10-sack record. Jacksonville must be able to live in their current state, since that's superior to what they've been doing. Aidan Hutchinson is the right selection, at the right time for a team that needs buy mut 23 coins be able to come to the best choice. I'm afraid they'll gamble again and return in a year waiting to repeat the same mistakes over again.