Very frequently I hear things about the ISO 27001 Certification in Qatar and I don’t know whether or not to snort or cry over them. Actually it is humorous how human beings have a tendency to make choices about something they be aware of very little about – right here are the most frequent misconceptions:

The standard requires

“The well-known requires passwords to be modified each three months.” “The preferred requires that more than one supplier should exist.” “ISO 27001 in Iraq The preferred requires the catastrophe healing website online to be at least 50 km far-off from the principal site.” Really? The general doesn’t say anything like that. Unfortunately, this form of false data I hear alternatively frequently – humans normally mistake first-class exercise for necessities of the standard, however the trouble is that no longer all safety policies are relevant to all sorts of organizations. And the humans who declare this is prescribed through the popular have likely in no way examined the standard.

“We’ll let the IT department handle it”

This is the management’s favor – “Information safety is all about IT, isn’t it?” Well, no longer honestly – the most vital factors of facts safety encompass no longer solely IT measures, however additionally organizational problems and human aid management, which are typically out of attain of IT department

“We’ll implement it in a few months”

You may want to put in force your ISO 27001 in Chennai for two or three months, however it won’t work – you would solely get a bunch of insurance policies and processes no one cares about. Implementation of data protection capacity you have to enforce changes, and it takes time for adjustments to take place.

Not to point out that you need to put in force solely these protection controls that are truly needed, and the evaluation of what is simply wanted takes time – it is referred to as danger evaluation and hazard treatment.

“This standard is all about documentation”

Documentation is a necessary phase of ISO 27001 implementation in Lebanon; however, the documentation is no longer a cease in itself. The most important factor is that you function your things to do in a tightly closed way, and the documentation is right here to assist you do it. Also, the data you produce will assist you measure whether or not you reap your data protection desires and allow you to right these things to do that underperform.

“The only benefit of the standard is for marketing purposes”

“We are doing this only to get the certificate, aren’t we?” Well, this is (unfortunately) the way eighty percent of the organizations think. I’m now not attempting to argue right here that ISO 27001 Certification in Philippines shouldn’t be used for promotional and income purposes, however you can additionally gain different very essential advantages – like stopping the case of WikiLeaks occurring to you.

How to get ISO 27001 Consultants in South Africa?

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