The purchase of a house, apartment or even land is usually an important step in anyone's life, since this is something that brings more stability and tranquility to face the daily routine. Therefore, understanding the use of inactive FGTS for real estate acquisition can be very important.

It is essential to have a good organization of finances , since the values ​​of real estate are high and, at the decisive moment, your famous Guarantee Fund can be extremely valuable for you to realize your dream. Keep reading and find out how to do this!

After all, what is the inactive FGTS?

You should already know that the acronym FGTS refers to the Guarantee Fund for Length of Service, an inalienable right of the worker hired under the parameters of the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws). However, one issue that still raises many doubts among people is that of active and inactive accounts.

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The inactive FGTS refers to their previous jobs and they bear this name precisely because, of course, they have not received any more deposits. On the other hand, the active FGTS is the one referring to the current job, which receives monthly applications from the employer for its employee, according to the rules of our legislation.

What are the rules for using FGTS?

Now that you understand a little better about the inactive and active FGTS, it is time to find out what the rules are for withdrawing the balance and making a financial contribution for the acquisition of the real estate of interest to you. There are some specific situations in which it is possible to use your Guarantee Fund.

One of the most common, for example, is when unfair dismissal occurs, but there are also other cases where it is allowed to use available resources, such as partial or full payment for the purchase or construction of residential units, decrease in the value of installments or settlement of the financing debit balance.

What are the conditions for using the resource?

Just as there are these rules that we mentioned above, there are also specific conditions so that the balance of the Guarantee Fund can be withdrawn. These are requirements determined by Caixa Econômica Federal, in which the institution only allows workers to withdraw FGTS when they are up to date with these requirements. 

The main ones are having a minimum of three years of formal contract, even if it is not for a continuous period, not having other financing in their own name, not having another residential property in the same location, being a holder and being up to date with the installments financing when requesting the use of resources.

As you can see, the use of inactive FGTS for real estate acquisition can be an excellent opportunity to bring more security and tranquility to your family, conquering the home of your dreams that meets the demands and needs of those you love the most!




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