Go speak to Pikkupstix. Ask about the Zanik Pouch, and he will tell you to get a treasured item of Zanik's, as well as a green charm and 23 spirit shards, to make the pouch. For OSRS gold the potion, you require soul bud, ground up character rune, a distinctive compound, he gives you, and nail animal claws.

Now you still require a means to start the box. If you read the first book you have before, the one with all the gauntlets, you're going to know how to make them. You will need 2 bronze bars and a single steel bar. Go to the Goblin Village and try to use the anvil in the generals's home. Wartface will stop you.

Hey! Stay away from that! Why? It goblin anvil. It unique for all of us to use. You stay away. Surely you could allow me to use it. Who Shirley? She no permitting you utilize goblin anvil. Only me allow you to use it. Hey! Just me can let him use anvil! Yeah? Well.... Uh, if I could interupt. . You can not. Give me a bunch of reasons why human use anvil. How many is a lot? How me know? You people dumb with speaking. Much like me. I ain't not even a dummy. Yeah, they call bunch of reasons"fiv kay". What that mean? They dumb. Uhhh, do you need me to provide you 5000 coins to utilize the anvil? See? You use human words that are dumb.

This is getting too annoying, I will cut to buy RuneScape Mobile gold the chase and state you give them 5k to use the anvil. Smith that the Bandos Gauntlets. Reread your book to learn that appropriate Bandos gauntlets have the"Ability of Dalgroth" in them. Proceed to the Ogre Enclave at Gutanoth and use your gauntlets together with the Rock of Dalgroth.