Discover & Get Inspired.  Visit our new Showroom

Our one of a kind showroom features displays of 50+ different pavers, paver patios, outdoor kitchen with grill, LED lights display, and collection of turf, shrubs, and trees.   Stop by and get ideas for your backyard.

Designing Your Landscape

Our friendly team will help you look at your yard, how you use it, do you entertain?  Do you need low maintenance?  Do you have Pets?  Do you need to extend your driveway?  Do you need to screening for a shed or future pool house?   Will you be adding a pool a few years down the road?  All these things are important to consider when planning your yard.   Irrigation, if you don't want to run and maintain irrigation what shrubs or turf type should you choose?   We can help with all this so that your yard is optimized!

Choosing Paver Types

Choosing pavers is not just about colors, its also about the drainage, as well as durability.   We have economy pavers that have a 15 year lifespan, and we have pavers that have a 75 year lifespan, Do you plan to sell your home in a few years?  Smaller Pavers are easier to install and tend to be less expensive.  Large format pavers look modern but tend to cost more.   Do you want the pavers to match your house?  Do you want the pavers to give your home an updated look, or do you wish to accent the colonial-colored trim?   We offer beautiful red clay pavers if you like timeless!