Pod la gi? Are Pods Harmful? These are frequently asked questions by young people who are new to vaping and men who are looking for traditional smoking cessation products. Although it has been on the market for a long time, the pod has only been introduced to Vietnam recently. To help you understand what a pod is and whether to smoke a pod or not, TLX Group will answer through the following article.

What are Pods?

Podand vape are both generic names for  e-cigarettes . Vape is the first generation of electronic cigarettes in Vietnam, operating on the principle of using a burner to burn cotton impregnated with nicotine. But very inconvenient in that, users have to remove the machine to add more essential oils to be able to smoke, not to mention Vape often comes with a lot of miscellaneous accessories when used.

What are pods?

Learn What is a Pod?

That's why the birth of an improved version - Pod  has gradually replaced Vape, because of its simplicity and ease of use, the essential oil is filled into the chamber, sucked up to be refilled, so it is quite convenient.

Pod has a simple structure consisting of a combustion chamber, an essential oil chamber and a battery. The principle of operation of the pod is to use battery power to ignite the essential oil, create a vapor, this vapor is considered to be flavored smoke and contains nicotine to create satisfaction for the user. Nicotine concentrations in pods are higher than in vapes, especially in  disposable Pods ( Disposable Pods ). 

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Each pod uses a different flavored essential oil. The scent collection of pods is very diverse, often with mint and fresh fruit flavors. Pods can be extremely effective in supporting smoking cessation, or used to replace conventional cigarettes to limit the harmful effects of tobacco on the health of users and those around them. In addition, another special feature that makes Pod popular is its beautiful, luxurious design, compact size but full of utilities when used.

How many types of Pods are used today?

Currently, Pods are divided into two popular types: disposable pods and disposable pods.

Pods are reusable

Pod reusable is a common Pod System , has a long time of use, can absorb a lot of steam. When you have sucked up the amount of essential oil in the chamber, you can refill the oil, charge the battery, build a coil or replace the empty tip to use as usual.

What are pods?

What are Pods? How many types of pods are there today?

When using the pod many times, the user must clean the coil and the juice chamber regularly to avoid the accumulation of e-liquid residue and affect the taste when vaping. This is a limitation of the pod many times because the cost of changing the oil is not cheap. To own a genuine Pod System, players have to spend from a few hundred thousand dong to one million dong. In addition, there is an additional cost to replace the pod. According to experts, the pod can only work up to 5 days. After this time, the player should replace it with a new one. This cost makes many hesitations when choosing a reusable pod. 

Disposable Pods

Disposable Pods are the most popular product today. This is a disposable e-cigarette or in other words short term. When you run out of oil in each Pod you will have to buy a new Pod. No need to refill, charge or build coils or change pods. From full, the use and maintenance of the machine is also simpler than ever.

A big advantage of the one-time pod that many vapers love is its compact design, diverse designs from simple to luxurious, which can be carried with you at all times, and at the same time convenient to use for busy people. .

The average number of steams of the pod once varies from 600-2000 steam and is equipped with a battery that can be used for up to 10 days. Besides, pod 1 time is cheap, quite reasonable from only 140,000 VND/pod.
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