Methods for Learning Java Training in Chennai

Login360 offers advanced Java training with industry experts in Chennai. The next level of Java programming theory is Advanced Java. It is helpful while developing online applications and enterprise applications. It specializes in Internet, networking, or database management. JSP, SERVLET, and JDBC are the primary components of advanced Java. 

Login360 Advanced Java Training is tailored to industry needs. This ensures that every student has cutting-edge job opportunities.

Java Application Training Course

Java programming course prepares you for software development, web development, and server application development. Java is a popular programming language in software development and has gained popularity among developers worldwide. 

  • Java is used by about 64,000 companies in the US, including Google, Uber, and Airbnb. According to Oracle Corporation, there are 45 billion Java Virtual Machines worldwide. 

  • These are the top eight platforms that use the Java programming language. Java is commonly used to develop scientific applications. 

  • Java is a sophisticated programming language with many capabilities for building large-scale scientific computing platforms and simulation platforms capable of handling complex computational tasks.

Java Tutorial Project Web Application

Web Applications: Java is a popular platform for building remarkable web applications. Java provides many features to create dynamic websites and online applications. JSP (Java Server Page) and Servlets are two of these features. Java is used to develop major web applications such as Netflix and LinkedIn. Our Java training course has 100% placement assistance.

Desktop GUI Apps: Java provides many features that help you create and play games. HexGL, Asteroid, and other Java-based desktop GUI programs are very popular. Get the best Java training in Gurgaon to build your desktop GUI applications.


Software Tools: Java training course is the best platform for developing software products. It has many capabilities that allow you to design and test applications. Our Java Certification Training in Gurgaon teaches you how to develop software tools to make your life easier.

Discover the objectives of the Java Programming Course in Chennai.

Login360 Java curriculum is designed to teach learners the industry skills needed to stand out from the crowd. Our Java training will help you save time and money. Following are the objectives and outcomes of the lesson.

Learn how to use Java programming to develop online and desktop applications.

To understand the implementations of OOPs in Java programming. Learn how to use Java programming elements and how they interact in application development.

  • Code development and design for individual applications

  • Java Swing concepts can be used to practice designing (GUI) graphical user interfaces.

  • Find out how to use Java APIs in application development.

  • Learn how to use inheritance and dynamic binding to extend Java classes.

  • Learn how to use Java exception handling concepts.

  • Here you can find Java Packages API and Java Generics for Java programs.

  • Learn how to write Java applications that use threads.

  • Learn how to open and save Java programming files.

Why choose us?

We assist our students both during and after the training. We help our students find jobs in a variety of domestic and multinational corporations. They have unrestricted access to the laboratory. The fastest metro station conveyance is available nearby the Login360 for convenience.

Anyone can purchase our training fee.

Login360 offers you complete placement support. We offer the best Java training program based on industry expertise that allows students to land dream jobs in MNCs. 

  • Login360 offers classes in both offline and online formats depending on the candidates' preferences. 

  • We provide Job Oriented Java Training Courses to prepare candidates for interviews and real-time project training to enhance their Java training skills.


I hope this was useful and gave you a better understanding of the potential of Java. With Data Structures and Algorithms, you can quickly get started with the Java Foundation. 


  • With this, you can strengthen your fundamentals and understand data structures and algorithms, brush up on coding interviews, and get to work!

  • We provide skilled teachers to assist you in technology and teaching. Our trainer teaches you using real-life examples and compares them to real-life situations to facilitate learning.