Online food delivery is a billion-dollar business across the globe and food ordering apps are the most used one by everyone in the rural population. In the US, there are many food delivery apps such as doordash, seamless, uber eats, etc. apparently such apps seem to outgrow their expected popularity and profits in the past few years.

Many technology companies are offering the best products and services in developing these food delivery apps. They make sure that the developed apps are provided with updates and new features are added every now and then so that they are up to date with the latest technology and they are still in the race with other leading food delivery apps. But the real question here is how much does it cost to develop an app like uber eats? Let us look at the current business trends of the online food ordering industry.

Revenue is expected to increase as compared to 2020. 2021 is referred to as a recovery and growth phase of the food delivery industry.

Online food delivery systems have a constant annual growth rate of 5.1%.

There is an increase in online food ordering demand since the pandemic and it seems to outgrow the expected reach ever since.

Turnkeytown offers reliable uber eats like app development at a very budget-friendly price. But before we jump into the prices, there are many factors to be considered before talking about the cost of developing uber eats like apps. Let us first briefly jot down the benefits and features offered by the app.

What are the paybacks of uber eats like app development?


  • Enjoying food in our own comforts.
  • Error minimization while taking orders and serving
  • Having more choice of cuisines and preferences
  • More revenue


What features to expect from an uber eats clone app?

Let us discuss some of the features of a food delivery app:


  • User friendly and registration.
  • Takeaway option.
  • Re-order with order history
  • Select restaurants based on location, cuisine, and timings.
  • Criteria-based selection.
  • Discounts and offers.
  • Live Order tracking.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Reviews and ratings.
  • Customer support.


Summing up

This blog gives a clear idea of building an app like uber eats. Ubereats like app development costs around 30k to 40k dollars depending on the feasibility of adding the features as quoted by the business owners. Of course, the above-mentioned price is just a rough estimation and it varies from company to company.