The main pet product fabrics are Oxford cloth, velvet core, cotton linen, Arctic velvet, deerskin velvet, short plush, super soft, PV plush.

Oxford cloth needs to be washed in low-temperature water, hand-washed, rinsed in water and dried, or dry-cleaned. Do not expose it to the sun. It is best to dry in the shade.

When washing corduroy, it is not advisable to scrub or use a hard-bristled brush. It is not suitable to iron when washing, and it is also not suitable to press hard when storing it. Cotton and linen should be washed with cold water. Washing should be gentler than cotton fabric. Avoid scrubbing, brushing, and twisting.

Arctic velvet, wash in cold water, hand wash and machine wash, do not dry clean, avoid twisting and squeezing to remove water, dry in a ventilated place, do not expose to the sun. When washing suede, it should be flat and tidy, and the dirty area should be repeatedly brushed and dried in a ventilated and shaded place.

The short plush is easy to wash by hand, not machine wash, the washing temperature should not be too high, do not twist after washing, squeeze out the moisture by hand to dry. Do not shake dry after super soft washing, wring lightly, let it dry until half dry, and then slowly stretch it by hand.

PV plush, soak in cold water for a short time, wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees, gently knead and wash, spread it out in the shade or fold it in half and hang it in the shade.

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