Stop Digging offers stable ground anchorage which saves both time and money. Due to ground screws, your construction project will be handled very quickly. There is no need to spend much time and carry heavy concrete support posts or mix concrete for digging and then restoring the surrounding ground. Everything is going to be really easy if you choose ground screws. 

  • Ground screws can be installed all year round, while if you opt for concrete, then you had to wait for it to harden. 

  • Ground crews work in most soils and frost and these screws are installed really quickly. Thus, you can use these foundations right away. 

Anchor screws are an innovative solution that work the same way as a concrete post or pier block, whilst outperforming it across the board. They are designed to simplify the process, so you will be able to set out a stable foundation and start the construction process easily and fast. These ground screws exceed requirements of the Building Code Deck NZ and they are perfect for creating foundations for a wide range of applications. The objects can range from sheds, 

  • greenhouses

  • sheds

  • conservatories

  • park benches

  • single storey buildings 

  • carports 

  • flagpoles

  • traffic signs 

  • fences 

Therefore, whatever building project you have in your mind, their screws can do the job properly. These ground screws provide less damage and mess to the surrounding area during the foundation stage. This is probably one of the most amazing benefits people admire. You won’t face any stress or discomfort and the experts will save your valuable time finishing your project as quickly as possible. Look no further and be sure you can enjoy the services and products that Stop Digging offers. Their ground screws are designed to meet the demands of the Building Code Deck NZ for durability.

Building a Cabin with Stop Digging

If you have decided to build Cabin NZ and you want a perfect foundation for that, then contact Stop Digging today. Invest in ground screws and rest assured that they will never rust, are durable and can be removed and reused without any difficulty. So it can be proudly said these ground screws are designed and built to last. Building Cabin NZ and other buildings with a ground screw come with a number of benefits, including: It saves you time to build without casting or digging.

  • It is a cheaper alternative compared to the traditional method.

  • You always get a 25-year guarantee on ground screws from Stop Digging.

  • There will be no damage at all to the ground where screws are mounted.

  • Ground screws are much better for the environment,

Just trust the staff behind Stop Digging and they will end up creating a stable and strong foundation for you to complete your project on time. Contact them now and let them install ground screws for a wide range of projects in New Zealand & Australia.