These Sonalika and Digitrac tractor brands are one of the most powerful brands which are more suitable for farming and commercial purposes. These brands make powerful, reliable, robust tractor models that provide the most effective power output. Moreover, the engines of these tractor brands are manufactured with modern and advanced technology which offers excellent working efficiency and better fuel mileage. These two brands are the best selling tractor brands that have produced models suitable for farming and commercial activities. Here are the USPs of the Farmtrac and Powertrac brands. So, check the information about both the brands.

Sonalika Tractor 

Sonalika Tractor brand has a wide range of tractors from 20 HP to 120 HP. Sonalika tractor price in India is Rs. 3.25 Lakh* to Rs. 16.80 lakh*. Popular tractor models of Sonalika in India are Sonalika Tiger 47, Sonalika WT 60, Sonalika 42 RX Sikander and many more.The tractor is equipped with optional mechanical and power steering column for smooth steering. Apart from this the tractor has options between dry disc and oil immersed brakes as per your choice.

Digitrac Tractor

Digitrac Tractor offers only 3 Digitrac tractor models in India, available from 47 HP to 60HP. Digitrac tractor price is Rs. 6.34 lakh to Rs. 8.08 lakh, which includes only fully organised tractor models namely Digitrac PP 43i, Digitrac PP 46i, and Digitrac PP 51i.

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