Make fast, easy WoW gold in BfA! My top 8 ways to farm WoW gold in Battle for Azeroth will help you rack up easy WoW gold in 8.0 and beyond. Making gold in WoW is essential for keeping up with raid consumables, and with the new 5 Million Brutosaur Auctioneer mount added in BfA, there’s better reasons than ever to make gold in WoW. Making WoW Gold got more difficult in Battle for Azeroth with many methods of goldmaking being heavily nerfed, so this video goes through 8 ways to make gold in BfA that are currently working for me.

Things to consider when making gold

You will want to consider whether your main characters are on a High, Medium, or Low Population server.

Auction Houses are generally more prone to manipulation if you are on a medium or low pop server, and high population servers are generally regarded as the worst places to make money due to the economy being flooded with so many suppliers.

You should also consider how many alts you have running on the servers you want to make money on. If you have a lot of max level alts, there are more options open to you than if you just had one main character.

Certain classes, like Monks, are also more highly desired by farming groups, so that might be a good option if you have one of those you like to play.

Most of the popular gold-gaining strategies are going to be centered around the auction house. In Battle for Azeroth, I separate this into 3 different categories: sniping, flipping, and crafting.

Sniping (Risk: High) is when you use AddOns to tell you when a certain item has been posted on the auction house for much lower than it normally is posted. You then buy the item, then repost it for closer to the normal amount. Some things you should consider are:

– How in demand is this item? Will it be sitting up on the auction house for days or weeks before it sells? Will it even sell?

– Is the normal price inflated due to the fact no one really sells this item?

– Is this an item people can get from other sources (e.g. a vendor) and that’s why it is showing up?

Generally, sniping is a knowledge game. It’s about knowing what really is a good steal and what is just a number being thrown at you by an AddOn.

Flipping (Risk: Medium) is when you take an entire stock of inventory of an auction house, buy it all, then repost it for higher, essentially setting a new price for that item. Obviously, this takes a lot of starting gold to pull off. You should also make some considerations before doing a flip:

– How many items am I going to have to buy to flip?

– How in demand are these items? Will I have to re-post them multiple times?

– How much supply is there for this item? Will I flip this only for the price to go back down within a few hours?

Again, flipping is a lot about knowing when and where to strike. Generally, if you see a small amount of in-demand items going for below the average price, that is a good time to buy them up and put them back up for higher than average. I put flipping under Medium Risk, but really it is more about the fact that you need decent starting capital to pull it off. Really, the risk is rather low, because as long as you are buying for the average price or lower, you are going to make your money back.

Lastly comes probably the biggest part of the Auction House – crafting (Risk: Medium). You see tons of mods and guides about what to craft and how to make money by buying materials for an item, crafting it, then posting on the auction house for a hefty profit. If you are on a high population server – forget about it. There is a good chance that the actual crafted item sells for less than the materials because so many people have had the same idea.

The 2×4 farm (Effort: High) is something that a lot of people are getting used to seeing by now.

How it works is that 2 groups of 4 form in an area with a high respawn rate of mobs, typically with a rare drop (like a mount). 4 people in the first group can tag the mob, and one person from the 2nd can tag it and both groups can safely get loot from that mob.

This bypasses the 5 person limit that normally exists for tagging mobs, and is a good way to get 8 people all tagging and killing mobs at a much higher rate.

These farms are a good source of BoE items, which can usually be sold to a vendor, disenchanted, or sold to people in trade chat. They are also usually a good source of cloth, and if you are on a tailor with cloth scavenging, even more so.

The hope is that a BoE epic or a BoE mount will drop during your farm, netting you a significant source of gold when you sell it. Brewmaster Monks are usually in high demand for these due to Ox Statue being very good for grouping mobs together, and good tagging classes like Druids, Hunters, and casters are also useful.

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