Most users think they know how to reset tp link extender, however many winds up doing the wrong reset and causing more problems. In this post, we'll show you how to troubleshoot a TP-Link extender that isn't connecting to your router or the internet. How to Reset Tp-link Extender Without Any Hardware Or Software Damage

The restore/reset of the tp-link extender is an essential aspect in troubleshooting the extender wireless network. You can now reset the tp-link Repeater in two ways:

  1. Console Reset (Dashboard Reset)

  2. Use the Reset Key to Restore settings to Default (Hard Reset)

A factory reset will solve many problems related to settings, performance, connection, and security. However, we recommend that you check the main router first before resetting the Tplink Extender.

Before we begin with the Tplink Wifi Extender, ensure that the main router's internet is operational.

We recommend performing a console reset first using the tp link extender dashboard; but, if the tp-link is not working, use a hard reset as a final resort.


TP-Link Extender Reset

Now, before you do a hard reset on a TP-Link Extender, please restart it. Then, carefully look below the Extender for the Reset Key, which can sometimes be found at the bottom of the extender.

  • Find a pen, paperclip, toothpick, or any other small non-metallic object, and then carefully push the Reset key and hold it for around 10-15.

  • seconds. Make sure the Range extender's power is turned on, and then let the Reset key go.

  • Give it a minute or two, then reset it.

  • Congratulation Your Tp-link Repeater's factory default settings have been restored.

  • All of your Range Extender's default settings can be found under the bottom label.

  • It is now time to configure your Tp-link Range Extender as a new Extender with your existing network.

Facing any error in the reset process then you can reach out to our website-

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