In World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, 16 new dungeons were introduced into the game. During the leveling process of the game, some dungeons will go through, and other dungeons can be completed in the TBC Classic Gold final stage. Players have to run at least once in each dungeon to get a complete TBC experience.

Since The Burning Crusade Classic was released 14 years ago, there have been many dungeons to investigate. Some dungeons need to withstand the test of time. Others will fall off the cliff. At the time of the re-release, they were still playing the game as hard as it was then.

The absolutely cruel slogan in the dungeon is the Black Swamp, which is completely worthy of the lowest point on our list. I think it's very interesting to go through the closed, gray, and cloudy space from beginning to end and defeat the enemies generated from various portals. The worst way to subvert people's usual expectations of "dungeon crawling" is the black swamp.

One of the best dungeons to be used as a stepping stone to the level 70 road is Shadow Labyrinth. It has a wealth of enemies and rich experience. There are very few praises about this dungeon. Those players at the highest level who coordinate with Karazhan need to come back here. The Shadow Labyrinth is very unforgettable except for the occasional pitstop.

As a difficult experience, Mana Tombs is one of the most boring dungeons ever. The WoW dungeon team forgot somewhere in Burning Crusade what makes the classic WoW dungeon so unforgettable.

The last dungeon released is the Burning Crusade Classic Gold best dungeon magister platform in TBC Classic. Players can only enter the platform when the Isle of Quel'Danas is open to the player base. In this process, players will consume a large amount of TBC Classic Gold. Those who don't have much time to play the game say that this is not a small number. I think MMOWTS is the best.