First, we need to talk about what kind of room spray to look for. Are you needing to calm the kids or yourself? Try lavender or a blend containing lavender. Needing more energy for the day? Try citrus blends or plain citrus oils. Needing more joy? Try rose or ylang ylang.

1) Room sprays are a great way to freshen up a room or area. Please make sure that your room spray only contains pure essential oils, preferably therapeutic-grade essential oils. Spray throughout the room. The mist of essential oils will infuse the air with a beautiful scent that hopefully will accomplish your original goal.

2) Spray a bit on your pillow for a good night's sleep. The best essential oils for this are lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, or roman chamomile.

3) Sometimes the bathroom just needs a facelift a pick me up, for this job, I recommend your favorite citrus oils, make a blend or use one by itself. Citrus is uplifting and just provides that clean smell that you long for.

4) Your furnace filter or vents can be sprayed with your choice of aromatherapy room spray, sending fresh scents through the air.

5) Spray some on your body, on your wrists, back of the neck, to provide a pick-me-up or relaxing mood.

6) Can't think? Try vetiver or cedarwood, both are known for clearing the mind. Vetiver is a bit costly and the smell may not be appealing to all. We got around this by using it on the bottom of our feet. Works wonders for clearing the mind.

7) Washing machine smelling like mold? Use a few drops in your loads or drop a few drops in the drum of the washer. I prefer to use lemon, grapefruit, or my defender oil for this.

8) Weighloss - you may not know, but there are essential oils that are great for weight loss. Grapefruit is one such oil. Spray it on your body, bathe in it, spray your room. Other good choices are peppermint, lemon, or ginger.

9) Freshen your vehicle with your room spray, there's nothing like a sports season to put a stale smell in your car/truck. Spray a fresh scent of your favorite blend into your vehicle to remedy this problem.

There are many more ways to use aromatherapy sprays, but this should give you a good start in the world of essential oils.

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