Actress Madhuri Dixit's movie 'Maja Ma' has been released on Amazon Prime Video's streaming platform. The movie revolves around Pallavi, a housewife in a traditional Gujarati family. Everything seemed fine until the rumor that Pallavi is a lesbian arises. The story revolves around Pallavi's family life and his son's marriage which falls into crisis when the video goes viral. The movie also deals with the problem that comes during a wedding.


The movie is pure entertainment and deals with the issue of sexual identity. The writer should be praised for choosing such a subject and fitting into a middle-class Indian family. The director has presented a severe subject with simplicity in a family movie. The presentation is impressive, with Gujarati culture filling the screen.


Madhuri Dixit is brilliant in the movie as a mother, wife, and role model for society. Gajraj Rao also delivers an impressive performance in the movie. Maja Ma is a movie with a unique story that ultimately shows a woman struggling with her identity despite a peaceful marriage. Madhuri Dixit fans can check out this movie. 'Maja Ma' is a light-hearted and short movie on the OTT platform.


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