Do you know something about static electricity? Static electricity is a physical phenomenon that comes from the excessive accumulation of electrical charge that occurs naturally in insulating materials or with poor conductivity.

This is commonly a result of two materials are moving in opposite directions and rubbing together. In extremely cold or warm weather, or when the air is especially dry, the static will increase.

To understand it in a simple way, we assume that the materials have small charges in their composition that remain in equilibrium; but when this equilibrium is broken (by contact with other materials, or the influence of temperatures, pressure, etc.) the charge increase and accumulate; and when it comes into contact with a conductive material, the excessive charge is released. Well, this phenomenon is called as static electricity release.

The Hazard of Electrostatic Shock

For most people, static shock is little more than a nuisance, but for others, especially those using hearing aids, it can have more serious consequences, as static can damage the sensitive electronics inside hearing aids.

Can Static Electricity Occur on Artificial Grass?

Unfortunately the answer is yes, most artificial turf you can see in the market is made of PE and PP materials. If you learn something about chemistry, you must know whatever PE or PP materials, both of them are easy to static electricity.

If the artificial grass project is only used as landscape turf or is not installed in an area with constant friction, there will be less static buildup, but if it is going to be used as a playground or a spot for pets, static electricity will accumulate in greater quantity due to the frequent contact or friction. Then, when you touch any of conductive objects will cause the discharge and you will feel a kind of spark.

If you have ever been hurt by static electricity, you must hate it. Then, is there any way to remove static electricity from artificial turf?

How to Remove Static Electricity from Artificial Turf

1. Sand or infill

At the end of the installation of artificial grass (for recreational areas, sports fields or pets), it must be remembered to fill with the recommended amount of silica sand according to the size of the surface covered by the artificial grass. This is because silica sand can neutralize the effects of static electricity.

This is also the first tip to avoid static buildup. In addition to this benefit, Lashing with silica sand can giving stability to the fibers.

2. Water

Yes, water helps too. If the climate is too dry and hot, especially in the summer, or if it is too cold and with drafts, it is recommended to spray the grass with plain water.

If you live in an area with low humidity, to reduce static electricity buildup, you can mix 3 tablespoons liquid fabric softener to 32 OZ water (1 quart) in a spray bottle. And set the spray bottle nozzle to mist, then you just need to simply walk over the artificial turf while spraying the solution to artificial turf.

This simple but effective solution will greatly reduce static buildup in your turf.

3. Copper Sheet

It is recommended to place an iron (often, copper recommended) nailed to the ground, its function is to turn the ground into a conductor, and then the ground can absorb charges and eliminate static electricity.

This is also another effective tip to avoid the formation of static electricity.

4. Anti-static Products

You can purchase a variety of industrial products specifically designed to eliminate static electricity from surfaces. These devices may help you eliminate static electricity.

5. Anti-static Artificial Turf

Finally, if none of the above suggestions provides the expected results, there is another solution. You can directly buy CCGrass Anti-Static Artificial Turf, which eliminates static electricity commonly found in hot, dry conditions by stitching additional static resistant yarn into an anti-static backing cloth. 


We believe that anyone who spends the time and money installing artificial turf doesn't want their recreation area to be ruined by annoying static electricity!

By reading this article, you should have learned the tips of eliminating static electricity from artificial turf. We hope that the 5 tips are effective enough to help you solve these static electricity problems which plague you.

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