Preet tractor in India is known for their strong built-up quality, powerful engine, and great performance in the field. The preet tractor is the choice of today's farmers. preet tractor available in the range of 35 hp to 90 hp engines which perfectly suits the requirement of farmers. these tractors are available in 20+ different models and the lifting capacity of these models is between 1000 kg to 2200 kg. preet tractor has various other features like cooling system, hydraulic control, etc make them stand out from others. These tractors' price is set by keeping the economic status of Indian farmers in mind. Based on this preet tractor price is super affordable for farmers. The price of preet tractor starts from 3.81 lacs* to 8.20 lacs*. preet tractor company's goal is to provide top-quality products to its customer that satisfy not only its farm requirements but also satisfy its off-field requirements.