The stock market's reaction to the Covid-19 crisis is as follows: The SARS CoV2 virus epidemic, also known as the COVID19 pandemic, has had a global impact on people's social, economic, political, and cultural lives.

The pandemic's unexpected arrival has revealed countries' legislative readiness, or lack thereof, to reduce and contain the disease's destructive effects. Strong legislative actions are critical in any epidemic or pandemic emergency.

States can pass laws relating to "health care, sanitation, hospitals, dispensaries, and animal disease control" under item six of the State List. The Union and states can enact legislation relating to the health profession and preventing infectious or contagious illnesses or pests affecting humans, animals, or plants from spreading from one state to another under Concurrent List items 26 and 29. What Statistics Have to Say
The reaction of the stock market to the Covid-19 crisis During the lockdown, an estimated 140 million people were laid off, and many more saw their incomes reduced.
According to a 'Edelman Trust Barometer' study, According to 67 percent of the 13,200+ people polled, "the government's primary priority should be preserving as many lives as possible, even if it means the economy will recover more slowly"; in other words, life should take precedence over livelihood.
The poll found a 64-36 percent split in India, with 64 percent agreeing that saving as many lives as possible was a priority, and 36 percent agreeing that protecting jobs and reviving the economy was. Read more on: Indian Stock Market’s Reaction to the Covid-19 Crisis!