The Ravens were in the wrong of a sloppy call in Week 7. when Ravens guard John Urschel clearly signaled that Mut 23 Coins the team was reporting him as an eligible receiver but the referee did not see the signal. The officials called him for an offence, but instead of being inside 10 yards of an area that was red in the field, they were forced to accept a field goal.

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The Carolina Panthers will host the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional round on Sunday. Carolina is seeded as the No. 2 seed. The team boasts a record of 12-4 with just a single loss in the home arena. In the 2nd seed, the 49ers are also 12-4. however two of their losses were on the road. San Francisco is just a hair short of winning victory over the NFC West crown with the Seattle Seahawks holding serve in Week 17.

Carolina also has another advantage beyond home-field advantage however, it has beat opponents like the 49ers this season. Also it is the Panthers beat the 49ers at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. It was a tight game that was dominated by defense, with both offenses failing to achieve anything. The final score was the Panthers took the lead, winning 10-9.

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Yet, this will be an extremely close matchprobably the most difficult game to decide of all the games this weekend. Carolina should win because of its home field, but it will be an interesting game to not the least.

As far as the professionals are concerned somewhat dispersed. SB Nation has a panel composed of seven Madden NFL 23 expert and four of them actually chose the 49ers to win in the middle of the road. The four are David Fucillo Cheap Mut 23 Coins, Stephen White, Jason Chilton and Joel Thorman. The two others -- Ryan Van Bibber and Matt Ufford were with Carolina