The instructions for using a sports watch will vary from those included with a more formal timepiece. A digital display, water resistance, alarms, timers, and a backlight are all common features on modern sports watches. Timex, Casio, and Coleman are just a few brands that make sports timepieces. The user manual is the definitive source for information on how to operate your specific model. Please contact the maker for help if you are having trouble using your sports watch.

Important Instructions For Sports Waterproof Watches:

Step 1

The manual for a sports watch will differ from that of a formal watch. Digital displays, water resistance, alarms, timers, and backlights are commonplace on modern sports watches. Timex, Casio, and Coleman are just a few of the watch companies that specialise in making sports watches.

Consult the owner's handbook that came with your unit for detailed information on how to use it. Contact the maker for help if you have trouble using your sports watch.


Step 2

Switch gears. There are usually multiple modes on a sports watch that you can switch between. The mode button is on the lower left side of watches by Casio, Timex, and Coleman. Standard, Alarm, Chronograph, and Timer modes can be accessed with the push of a button.


Step 3

Start the alarm system. Set a recurring alarm for a specific day, week, or month when in alarm mode. Put in the time, then the minutes, then the month, and then the date, and then press the Set or A key. Most sports watches have a "push any key to silence alarm" feature.


Step 4

For the timer and chronograph, press the "Start/Stop" button. As long as the "Start/Stop" button is held down, the stopwatch will continue to add hundredths of a second to the current time reading until the user intervenes. When the "Start/Stop" button is pressed, a timer will begin and keep track of time until it's stopped.


Step 5

To activate the backlight, hit the button. By pressing and holding this button, you can keep the backlight on for a few seconds. By pressing and holding the button, the sports watch can enter a persistent night mode.

Waterproof Sports Watches

The movement in your watch can be severely damaged if water is allowed to penetrate the case, so be sure to always firmly lock or screw down the crown. If your watch takes a heavy fall, it could lose its water resistance and you wouldn't know it. Regular maintenance on water-resistant timepieces is essential. Opening and closing a water-resistant watch requires the expertise of a watchmaker.





It is not essential to wind a quartz watch because they all run on batteries. Get the battery checked at a respected jeweller as soon as possible if your quartz watch stops working. If a "dead" battery is left inside of a watch for an extended period of time, it could potentially damage the mechanism. Quartz analogue watches have moving and electrical parts that need to be adjusted and cleaned at regular intervals.


  • Automatic Watches

Automatic wristwatches don't need to be wound while being worn because of its self-winding mechanism. It has a battery life of 28-48 hours when detached from the wrist. After that period of time, you will need to manually rewind the watch to reset it. Timepieces with extra features for measuring time beyond simple time-telling are called chronographs.




Every three years, you should have your mechanical or automatic watch cleaned and maintained to keep it in perfect working order and on time. Quartz watches also need less frequent maintenance, since even the smallest foreign object can stop their moving parts and make them useless.

How to Waterproof a Watch

As a first step, let's define waterproofing precisely. Since the 1960s, it has been against the law in the United States to advertise a watch as "waterproof," since no watch can be made to be completely waterproof. Manufacturers now describe watches as "water resistant," ranging from being protected from a little rainstorm to a 100-meter ocean plunge.


This article will detail the steps necessary to ensure that any watch, whether a diver's watch or not, can be as water resistant as possible, whether it be worn by a man or a woman. You can usually find the water resistance information for your watch either on the dial (face) or the back of the watch. They can give the number in bars, metres, or feet. Three atmospheres of pressure (bars) are equivalent to thirty metres (ATMs) or one hundred feet (ft).


An ordinary watch would retain its original level of resistance to water after undergoing this treatment. For the time being, we will maintain our dive watch below. Say you want to be sure your new battery-powered Fossil, Guess, or Timex watch is as water-resistant as possible.


The Necessary Equipment:

  • G.S. Crystal Cement curing by ultraviolet light OR UV-curing

  • UV-curing epoxy (if a UV adhesive is used)

  • Bergeon Seal Tester and Gasket Lubricator (optional)


Proceed with reading the steps below for further information on how to waterproof a watch:


  1. Crack the back of the watch. (If you need assistance, read our article on how to open the back of a watch.


  1. If the gasket or O-ring is worn, replace it. While we continue our inspection of the watch, we will install the new or old gasket in the gasket/O-ring lubricator.


  1. When cleaning the watch's back, it's important to use silicone-coated q-tips and to remove any dust or debris from the casing as well.


  1. Take apart the case, clean out the stem and the crown, and replace them. There must be a new crown if the old one is broken. Remove the crown and stem with the help of this link.


  1. Use silicone in the crown and a small portion of the stem after cleaning the crown and the tube (the hole in the case). Verify that the watch's stem and crown are reinstalled and turning properly.


  1. Make sure the watch crystal is spotless before checking it. The watch crystal should be free of fractures and other damage; if this is not the case, it should be replaced. Watch crystal replacement instructions are available at the link.


  1. Epoxy, SUC Rocket Cement, or G-S Crystal Glue should be used to carefully apply glue along the edge of the crystal, now that the crystal is either clean or brand new. The glue is highly concentrated, so only a tiny bit will do. This will address only minor flaws in the crystal gasket or the existing crystal glue. Wait for it to dry naturally.


  1. Now silicone-coated gaskets or O-rings can be removed from the gasket/O-ring lubricator. Insert it into the watch's casing groove or the space provided for it on the rear.


  1. Re-seal the watch by applying silicone to its back and case. For assistance, see our piece on closing a watch.


  1. After adjusting the timepiece, check for residues of adhesive or silicone and remove them. A watch rated for 3 bars of water resistance should be able to withstand 4 or 5 bars in a controlled setting, such as the Bergeon Waterproof Tester if all the precautions are taken.



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