Player badges are specialized talents or characteristics in which players may improve accordingly. Defense/Rebounding badges enable you to make your playing a defensive and rebounding powerhouse. The NBA 2K21 greatest defense badges for centers should be taken into consideration by anybody who builds a center in MyCareer. Centers are the defense anchors and although the exceptional scoring center is great, it is as essential to have an excellent defensive center. Therefore, we bringing you the best defense and rebounding badges on NBA 2K21.


What Are The Best Defense And Rebounding Badges On NBA 2K21?
Here are the top 10 best defense and rebounding badges


10 – Box 
"Box" is a defense/rebound badge to make it easier for the center to box. This badge is activated anytime the player boxes an opponent in a rebound fight without costing NBA 2K21 MT, when he is located in the corridor after a shot at the court. Centers should take rebounds more than any other position, and 'Box' is going to help them in that. Bronze works well, however it is suggested that Hall of Fame work.


9 - Brick Wall

This is a defense/rebound badge to provide players stronger screens and decrease their stamina during off-ball contacts. This badge is enabled when opponents touch the player physically, particularly if screened.


8 - Zone of Hot Hunting
Hot area capper is a kind of badge that enables gamers to add more shooter players in their hot zone to their player card. When you jump into the hot zone, this badge gets activated. While a perfect jump shot timing means that all shots are non-stop, even in online mode, the near optimum time may be surprisingly worthless. This is one of the badges that may improve the proportion of players firing.


7 - Extension range
Range Extender is a type of fire badge which enables players to effectively shoot without a fire penalty from a longer distance. You may activate this badge in a 3 or average jump shot. Shooting space may be difficult to acquire since many players have great defensive expectations and are protected. This badge enables players to reach Stephen's inner curry and score three points deep beyond the arch. As the defenders are usually the careful on 3-point shootings and border slashes, shotters may also take long, two-point shootings in the concealed sweet area.


6 - Uncheckable
The symbol of the organizer is unpuckable, reducing the danger of robbing the ball holder. This badge is activated when the adversary tries to rob the ball user. This is practically required for any advocate or wing whose style involves a lot of dribbling. Unfortunately, 2k21 allows opponents to gain a lot of spam via their stealing attempts. Although a loss of a ball may result, the correct placement and timing of a well-planned dual team or defender can help resolve hundreds of robberies that can be faced by a ball holder in the game.


 5 - Dimer
Dimer is a company symbol that increases the share of shots a team member shoots following the pass. This badge is activated when shortly after your match, you dismiss an empty teammate. This badge helps to collect assistance for important point guards or centers like Nicolas Jokic who like to help rebound shooters and open clips. If you look at the little difference between accurate shooting, online 2K21 mode allows you to get a more competitive advantage via synergized shooting and passing signs.


4 - Bullyer 
"Intimidator" is a defense/rebound badge, which makes shooting competitions for the player considerably more effective. While this badge applies to all shooting competitions, it is activated even when the defender is close to the shooter.
This is an excellent badge for any defensive setup, since even the Bronze version increases the odds of the protected shooter. Centers will see several field goals in the form of drives and post-ups and want to get the most out of their battles.


3 - Pogo 
For example, the Pogo Stick enables players to swiftly rebound from a botched block attempt. The animation is also removed when someone is not blocked and the players are able to penalize failed shoots more frequently or perhaps register a disputed offensive rebound.


2. Worm 
Worm is a defense/rebound badge which helps rebonds swim or spin around defenders who box. This badge is activated anytime the player tries to gain position inside rebound while boxing out. While the center frequently boxes its opponents, it occasionally happens that the player is on the wrong side of the position fight.


1 - Protector rim
Rim Protector is the greatest of NBA 2K21's top badges. You assist your takeover and your teammates takeover if you acquire a block. In addition, if someone enters the painting, he will take additional blocks and have new block motions like grab blocks. They feature contact dunks and block animations in the protective rim. There are no packages to purchase, just in the badge. You can obtain these blocks like dunk-contact animations for guards, but place guards and slashers in these motions in order to stop them. So is the overpowering rim guard!


How to Unlock Badges
Badges are arranged by finishing, shooting, playing and defense/rebounding categories. By accumulating badges in every talent, you acquire badges via your game performance linked to that skill. For instance, receiving aids will build up playing points, acquire thefts, and construct defense / rebound points, etc. After you have earned sufficient badge points for a skill, you may select one of these skills badges. Minimum attribute criteria to unlock a badge, included in this Badges guide, are also available. Certain criteria may vary and rely on the job and, in certain circumstances, on the overall rating.