The double vane pump is composed of two single-stage vane pumps installed in a pump body and connected in parallel on the oil circuit. The rotors of the two vane pumps are driven by the same transmission shaft and have independent oil outlets. The two pumps can be of equal flow or unequal flow.


Single acting
The blades are embedded in the grooves and can slide freely. When rotation occurs, the blades are thrown onto the pump casing under the action of centrifugation. The vane pump is a positive displacement pump. Two adjacent blades are closed to the pump casing and the rotor when they move to the lower side. The volume is the smallest and the largest when it is on the upper side. When the rotor rotates clockwise, the process of the two adjacent blades going from the bottom to the top is the volume increase process, so the oil is absorbed (from the fourth quadrant to the second quadrant); from the top To the bottom is the volume reduction process, so press oil (from the second to fourth quadrants)

Double acting
When the motor drives the rotor to rotate along, the blades protrude outward under the dual effects of centrifugal force and pressure oil at the bottom of the blades, and the top of the blades is closely attached to the inner surface of the stator. The four blades on the four concentric arcs form four sealed working oil chambers with the outer surface of the rotor, the inner surface of the stator, and two distribution plates, respectively. These oil chambers change from small to large or from large to small with the rotation of the rotor. They can be passed through the suction window (connected to the suction port) or the discharge window (connected to the drain port) of the distribution plate. Inhale or squeeze out fluid.

During each revolution of the rotor, each working oil chamber is sucked and pressurized twice, so it is called a double-acting vane pump. Because the high and low pressure chambers are symmetrical and symmetrical with each other, the shafts are balanced by force, and they are unloading

Double vane pumps are often used in special machine tools for mechanical processing that require fast feed and working feed. At this time, the double pump consists of a small flow and a large flow pump. When fast feeding, the two pumps supply oil at the same time (low pressure at this time), when working feed, the oil is supplied by the small flow pump (high pressure at this time), while the large flow pump is made on the oil system Unloading, compared with the use of a high-pressure large-flow pump, can save energy and reduce oil heating. This double vane pump is also often used in machine tool hydraulic systems that require two independent oil circuits that do not affect each other.

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