Want to get in touch with the leading videographers, photographers and camera companies in India? If yes, be a part of BPVE or Bihar Photo Video Expo, a three-day event organized by Tiwari Traders. At BPVE, you not only get to interact with the leading experts in the field of videography and photography but also get to participate in Patna Runway Week 4.0 if you would like to. This will be one of the greatest opportunities for you to showcase the fashionista in you. Register now at https://bpve.in/photo-video-expo-22.php and grab an experience like never before at an exclusive and wonderful 3-day event at Gyan Bhavan, Gandhi Maidan Patna. Registering for this event that commences from 14th October and end on 16th is absolutely free of cost.


Bihar Photo Video Expo which is an event primarily arranged for the photography fraternity to meet and interact, focuses exclusively on “wedding photography”. Two key features of this event are a holistic crowd and an absolutely vibrant environment. Since its initial conceptualization in 2018, Bihar Photo Video Expo has been successfully registering a footfall of 25, 000+ majorly consisting of mass-communication students, professional photographers, amateur or intern photographers, fashionistas, models and representatives of the industry for photography goods.

The event boasts of extensive media coverage and huge crowd, making enough to highlight in its gallery. Credits for all accomplishments of the BPVE goes to its team of immensely-skilled, hard-working and honest professionals that constantly aim towards expanding the horizons of the event and to help it grab a Pan-India presence. Major objective is to capture the attention of not just the locals but the nationals which will automatically increase the footfall at the event. Huge audience means more opportunities of interaction and learning which will be highly advantageous for the photography fraternity.

There’s not just opportunity at BPVE available for the photographers and videographers but even for the mass communication students to understand how fashion events are reported and covered. To make the process of learning easier for students, the event brings in masters of concerned fields of photography and camera right there at the disposal of the students. This further helps the students master their art by learning straight from the masters themselves. The Expo also makes it possible for fresh talent to get tips, remarks and ideas from experts. It is not just the beginners who benefit from the freeway communication but everybody as interaction and learning is available in the most seamless manner.

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