Nowadays, Carbon credits are an alluring topic in the NFT marketplace. Carbon credit denotes a specific amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses that is assigned to the company to emit. The unused carbon credits can be traded, sold, and stored in the company emitting fewer tonnes of Co2 than the permitted amount.

Further, we will see what are the things you need to look for in the Carbon credits NFT Marketplace Development and where you can get a top-notch Carbon Credit NFT Marketplace Development Service for your business in the upcoming sections.

Workflow of NFT Marketplace for Carbon Credits 

Now, you have some idea about the NFT marketplace for carbon credits and you should know the basic workflow of the Carbon credit NFT marketplace 

Here is the basic workflow you must know, 

  • Register and create your account on the decentralized platform.

  • Add a secure wallet to your user profile to keep your NFTs and other valuables safe.

  • You may now post your carbon credits for sale as NFTs in a decentralized marketplace.

  • Users can purchase and submit bids for the available carbon credits on the NFT marketplace.

  • The users will be able to monitor their NFTs and have a dynamic understanding of their market value.

Unique features to be considered to build a robust Carbon Credit NFT Marketplace 

Advanced search calibrator
Listing the NFTs

Auction gateway


Crypto wallet

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