: Big wooden ones. But also things like Legos, Kinnex, Lincoln Logs, or even those life-size Lincoln Logs. It's often best for kids under 4 to keep their constructions below their heads that way, they won't get clobbered if it topples.

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Sneak-peak in the History of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the famous series of video games that gain huge popularity in the audience. It was owned and created by Sega and started in the year 1991. In the franchise, an anthropomorphic hedgehog whose name is Sonic that wants to defeat an evil scientist whose name is Dr. Eggman. The game and the franchise were created and developed by the team of Sonic. 

The game was launched in the year 1991 and gained huge success in the market. It was deeply influenced by the innovation in the technology as it evolves the character over time. In the time of 16-bit, Sega launched its CDs, and in 1995, it launched a portable Genesis that is a fully coloured handheld that was ahead of its competitors that were using the dot-matrix display at that time. It also started a content delivery service based on the cable to provide advanced services to the customers. 

           The original series of Hedgehog was a huge hit, and due to this, the producers launched eight versions of the game. The limitation of hardware prevents the game from achieving the desired speed in the market, and in this time, the developers focus on platforming and developing. The era of 8-bit was fading in the year 1994, and in this, the company launched Sonic 3 in two versions that gained a huge success in the market.

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           Sega also launched a 3-D game, but they were unable to gain that level of popularity due to issues in design bugs and glitches. Sonic Forces also gained huge popularity in the action figures as the people like Animal crossing plushie that are inspired for the game. The popularity of the game was also used in the movie Sonic characters that also gained a huge success in the market. For more info click here more info visit here -  Funko Action Figures