A Large number of decentralized protocols have been developed and are still in the process of developing in the DeFi platform.  Pancakeswap is the one that leads the way of other exchanges.  It is Food themed based  Defi Protocol, a decentrailized exchange protocol launched on BSC(Binance Smart Chain).  Developing decentralized exchange platforms like Pancakeswap on BSC for swapping BEP-20 tokens can be done swiftly.  It is developed with the mechanism of  Automated Market Marker(AMM) and Decentralised Apps for the fastest transaction speed and lowest transaction fees.  The main aim of developing Cryptocurrency exchange like Pancakeswap is to offer a smooth user experience.  


What is Pancakeswap clone script?

Pancakeswap clone script  is the decentralized exchange development on Binance Smart chain(BSC). The Pancakeswap Clone Script has a many security  features.  Pancakeswap’s allows you to quickly customize features to match current digital trends. It helps the users to swap cryptocurrencies just like the other DeFi AMM (Automated Market Marker) Protocol, Uniswap, which runs on the Ethereum.



  • Automated Market Making

  • Token Swapping

  • Token Consolidation

  • Liquidity API's Integrated

  • Swapping / CAKE Token

  • PancakeSwap Analytics

  • High-Level Security API's

  • Initial Farm Offering

  • NFTs Provision

  • Rapid Speed Audits

  • Decentralized Exchange

  • Smart Contract

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • Payment Gateways

  • Blockchain-Powered

  • Swap Mechanism

  • Voting System

  • Lottery Schemes

  • Reward System

  • Transaction History


  • Unlimited Token Integration

  • Dynamic Token Pairing

  • Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

  • Enable All Blockchain Wallets

  • Decentralized Lottery Schemes

  • Dynamic Staking Creation

  • Top Performing Pairs

  • Individual Transaction History

  • Integrated Security Protocol

  • Rapid Speed Audits per Seconds

  • Token Swapping

  • Binance Smart Chain Wallets

Blockchainappsdeveloper- DeFi Development Company, develops and delivers the Pancakeswap Clone script with all the essential and advanced features that includes multiple cryptocurrency support,  Blockchain provides with Consensus Mechanism, valid transactions, Automated Market Market(AMM), yield Farming Services, Staking, Swapping, Liquidity, Provision, and Lottery ticket schemes and more attractive features. 


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