There are several reasons for which the passengers cancel their trips. As a result, they have to cancel their booking with the airlines. And they tend to lose their money. But, if you have booked your flight tickets with American Airlines, you do not have to worry. On cancelling flights with AA, you get American Airlines Travel Voucher. And if you are someone who has t learned about how to redeem your voucher for future travels, you can get all the required information from the below sections.

First, the customers of American Airlines must know what travel vouchers are at American Airlines. After that, we will proceed towards how to use these vouchers to get flights at cheaper rates. 

What are American Airlines travel vouchers?

Basically, travel vouchers from American Airlines are digital certifications for future travel. You can use these vouchers for flights, inn, and some other facilities as well. There are a few points that you must keep in your mind when it comes to AA travel vouchers. Here are they:

  • Passengers can use these vouchers for future travels and journeys.
  • But, they cannot transfer their vouchers to any other person; they will have to use them for themselves only.
  • Also, if you have booked your flight using the travel vouchers and then cancelled it, you will not get any refund for that, you will lose them altogether.

Therefore, now you know that American Airlines vouchers are neither transferable nor are they refundable. So, you must use them wisely. Now let us find out what is the correct process to use the travel vouchers for future trips. 

How can I redeem American Airlines Travel Vouchers?

Passengers willing to use their travel vouchers with American Airlines need to have coupons sent by the airline through email. The mail will have the PIN and the expiry date of the voucher. 

Follow the underneath steps to make sure that you do not commit any error while booking the flights using the vouchers:

  • Go to the official; site of the airline.
  • After that, you need to go to the book flight section.
  • Here, you have to enter the travel details such as the date, departure, and the destination's city. 
  • Now, hit the search button.
  • You will see a list of flights, and you have to choose for yourself.
  • When you come to the payment page, you will have to choose the option ‘Different types of payment’
  • Here, you have to enter the travel voucher and the PIN.
  • And you are done. But you must remember that you can use a maximum of 8 vouchers at once. After that, the customers can use their MasterCard and meet the price of the flight ticket, if needed. 

Therefore, now you know how to book your flight with American airlines using travel vouchers. Now, for how long can you keep these vouchers for your future travel? Let us find out the answers to it. 

What are the terms and conditions of American Airlines travel vouchers?

Below given are some of the major terms and conditions that the customers must know when using travel vouchers with American Airlines. 

  • The airline does not replace your vouchers if you have lost them. 
  • If the price of the flight ticket is less than the voucher’s value, the remaining value of the voucher will appear with a new sum until you reach zero value. After this, the voucher will be deactivated. 
  • The passengers might not be allowed to combine their vouchers with the other current passes to pay for flight tickets.

Therefore you have to abide by all the rules and regulations before using the vouchers and the PIN for buying the flight tickets.

How long are American Airlines vouchers valid?

The passengers do not worry about the validity of American Airlines vouchers. The travel vouchers do not expire till one year of their issuance. So, the airlines give you enough time to utilise your vouchers. From the date of issue of American Airlines vouchers till the same date of next year, the passengers can anytime redeem their vouchers. If you are facing any kind of issues while using your vouchers, you can simply dial the American Airlines flight booking number.