Taking ranges and shooting animations used at each space only have to be given better attention to detail and be made more realistic, as do the results of these shots at these distances.Animations utilized to celebrate good and green shots need to be more realistic to the 2K21 MT player making the shooter. What's Kawhi doing these weird celebrations such as?

Holding right thumbstick upwards and moving in a way to signature size up will maintain your character moving in the direction you're originally traveling even if you change direction of the left thumbstick (i.e. even on the opposite side of where you initially did; initially held left thumbstick upward, size up together with right thumbstick up, then hold left thumbstick downward). Using the right thumbstick for putbacks isn't working. Definitely need a much better tutorial for the new shooting mechanic and possibly more information onscreen to also comprise release time.

NBA 2K has had some of their absolute ugliest user interface

Dedicated servers with actually very good netcode and high server signup rates. Where we can play with without input delay. Remove all the old, ugly animations and include substantially more new, nice-looking animations. We need a lot of realistic selection. Significantly more detail into the surroundings and stadiums. Both audio and visual. Significantly better AI for players and coaches. New, beautiful UI across the entire game. NBA 2K has had some of their absolute ugliest user interface for many years now; create a good one for once.

. .15 moments at the loading screen with Buy 2K MT Kawhi I am more accurate using the analog stick from the opposite free throw line than top of the main. Greened like over half my photos. Great to see they improved the match! When will the preorder for digital next gen be available (mamba edition)?