Farmtrac and Powertrac tractor brand is the most popular tractor brand and the sub-division of Escorts tractor, which is popular in the tractor industry. These brands manufacture the best class models, which are engineered with advanced technology. These two brands are the most selling tractor brands, which built suitable models for farming and commercial activities. Here are the USPs of Farmtrac and Powertrac brands. 

Farmtrac Tractor 

Farmtrac tractor in India offers more than 30 models that range from 22 HP - 88 HP. It provides an expansive range of Farmtrac tractors in India, which includes 4WD, 2WD and mini to heavy-duty tractor models. All Farmtrac tractor models are simulated with advanced technology and are highly compatible with farming and commercial activities and applications. The price of a Farmtrac tractor in India starts from Rs. 4.80 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 12.90 Lakh*.

Powertrac Tractor 

Powertrac tractors manufacture more than 27 tractor models in the Indian market, which are available from 25 HP to 60 HP. The Powertrac tractor brand is a sub-division of Escorts tractor which is the most renowned brand in the tractor industry. The Powertrac tractor price starts from Rs. 3.30 Lakhs to Rs. 12 Lakhs. The most selling Powertrac tractor models in India are Powertrac Euro 50, Powertrac 434, Powertrac Euro 60 and many more. 

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