Discipline plays a vital role in maintaining a civilized life. Proper discipline, especially in an international school, requires respecting the constituent diversity. Proper implementation can significantly decrease unnecessary chaos existing in daily life. For the effective operation of an institution like a school, discipline is very much essential.


  1. Be Thorough and Organized 

If there is lack of proper organization in the classroom, students tend to get bored and engage in distractive activities. If the lessons are properly planned, supplies kept ready and organized, the students can get straight to learning.


  1. Nip the weed in the bud

A stitch in time saves nine. If you keep a careful lookout, you can address each and every issue before it escalates to something serious. A tiny mistake in discipline issue can potentially grow into a nightmare tomorrow.  


  1. Have Stringent Control Procedures 

Having control procedures ready, in the form of fair rules of conduct can diffuse most if not all situations. For instance, in a GIIS Dubai setting, cultural majoritarianism should be strictly denounced. Such practices act as lessons for life and make the students holistic and balanced while preventing misbehaviour or imperfect decisions. 


  1. Incorporate lessons in Discipline

Making fair and appropriate recourses is not enough. Implementing the same is just as important. Four steps involved in teaching them are: 

  1. Clearly explain the cause and effect relationship. 
  2. Have mock situations to act out the drill.
  3. Make corrections and improvements in real time.
  4. Constant revisiting of common behavior to make it a habit.

If you don’t take time to teach procedures thoroughly, students may skip intermediary steps and hence result in the exercise becoming a failure. 


  1. Involve your Students

As an increasing number of global international schools emerges, more students are engaged diverse international activities. Make sure you take interactive classes and smart learning passionately. Learning is a process of interaction and implementation, simply lecturing on topics seldom results in successful communication. It is always advisable to make students write while teaching as instant revision. 


  1. Be dynamic in Class

Most of the teachers stand at the front of the room without even moving their position. It would be a good idea to walk around as you teach. It is not only a different approach of teaching, but also helps to keep an eye on what the students are doing. 


  1. Develop a Rapport with the Class

If we wish to be leaders, students not only need to respect the faculty, but also believe that they care about them. Always be humble and reassuring, even ready to admit errors or mistakes. Students thrive on positive reinforcement, hence show that you love them. 


  1. Be Professional

Instead of over-familiarising with students, strive to be a good mentor. That bridge of respect is vital in order to command leadership in your class' eyes.


  1. Encourage Self Sufficiency 

Keeping a clean and uncluttered desk translates to a smooth workflow. Encourage good habits like cleaning up after they are done, consulting the faculty throughout the process rather than towards the end and simply respecting time. By monitoring such behaviour, a teacher can glimpse into an individual's work habits and improve the same.


  1. Establish Classroom Structure 

 Always maintain a decorum in the class. Structured environments in diverse institutions like a global international school are essential to prevent chaotic outbursts. Since all the students hail from a range of cultural backgrounds, a uniform platform can bridge these basic gaps to yield the most productive sides to each child.


Discipline is a key deciding factor of the productivity of any school. If implemented organically instead of enforcing it, the same can translate into respect and order rather than fear and loathing. Students should be treated together as a unit and also be checked if they fall out of line, the key is doing it for the better.