Acknowledge the key idea backrooms game. Even while it appears easy, it helps you stay focused on the game. Your chances of life could be harmed if you let Springtrap, an old, rotting spring-lock animatronic suit, into your office. You should also try to avoid hallucinations that can mess with your system.
Learn how the camera system is organized. Most FNaF games require cameras, and each game has a unique set of cameras. When animatronics approach or move, cameras alert you to their presence. The camera will have cameras with names that resemble "CAM60" when you first open it. To view what is on the camera, simply click on it. Springtrap can be located with it. Switch to an adjacent room once you've located him, then start the audio. He'll be distracted by this. When using a vent camera, make sure to examine the vents as well. Once you discover them, shut the vents. The vent can be sealed with a simple double-click on the camera number.
Just when it is necessary, use the Maintenance panel. Rebooting a system by clicking on it will fix any errors it may have. Unnecessary rebooting can cost you time that Springtrap could have used to find you.
Recognize mistakes. These are system flaws that will be seen on your camera system. An audio fault prevents you from playing the audio in the cameras, a video error turns off the cameras so you can't see anything, a ventilation error causes the lights to flash and create noise, luring Springtrap to you. As you aren't looking directly at him, he can move even when the lights are off. Errors can also be brought on by phantoms. Phantom Mangle, for instance, results in an audio issue, while every other one only affects ventilation.
Always — I mean ALWAYS — be on the lookout for Phantoms. Because you don't know how to prevent them from jump-scaring you, these hallucinations can lead to mistakes.
for surviving!