Biography Essay Examples - Discover How to Write the Ultimate College Essay

A biography essay details the major events of a specific individual life. This academic paper style has much in common with many other academic essays as a writer must write an engaging, informational piece about a subject. In addition, a professor will often ask that you describe how your subject developed their opinions and what influences affecting their decisions. The end result of this type of essay is a detailed look at the life of the person who has been written about. These types of essays are typically required for graduation or grading.


If you're looking for great examples of good bios, then you should definitely start by looking online. Simply search "biography essay examples" on your favorite search engine and you'll find dozens of websites that have excellent examples of persuasive writing for professors, students, and even for yourself. Look through as many different examples as possible and pick three or four that you really like. Then use these examples to develop your own version of a biography that will be interesting and educational to you.


While the topic of a biography can be as varied as any other assignment, there are a few standard areas that you'll want to cover. Give some thought to your introduction, which could include an overview of the main thesis of the piece as well as an introduction to the life of the person being written about. You'll also want to spend a fair amount of time developing a comprehensive portrait of the person, which means including a discussion of any significant career achievements, significant associations, and other important points that you think are important to understand.