In recent years, online food delivery is preferred by many people as it gives the convenience of ordering food with just a few clicks and getting food to be delivered to their doorsteps. Significantly, the demand for food delivery apps surged during the pandemic times.

Glance at UberEats – A food ordering & delivery app 

One such promising app is UberEats, an American-based food ordering & delivery platform launched in 2014. Users can place an order via a website or mobile app. In 2020, UberEats witnessed a 30% rise during the Covid-19 pandemic as people avoided social interaction to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

 UberEats is attempting to reduce the operation cost through the use of the concept of the dark kitchen. Its revenue generation in the year 2020 was $4.8 billion. Moreover, it is the most popular food delivery service with more than 66 million users. It operates in 6000 cities and supports 600,000 restaurants.

Overview of UberEats Clone

Well, because of its impressive impacts, most entrepreneurs are willing to enter the online food delivery segment with a mobile app. Are you one among them? You can make use of the readily available UberEats Clone Script, which is a readymade food ordering & delivery app solution. It is easy to customize an app as per your stipulation, as it would be the best solution in this fast-paced world. Get Started! Approach a clone app development company and get the personalized Zoom Clone app within a few weeks.

Let’s explore the features of the UberEats Clone app

The UberEats Clone app has three panels: the User app, Restaurant app, Delivery executive app, and Admin dashboard. Some of the vital features of the food delivery apps to be considered while developing UberEats Clone are mentioned below.

  • Dashboard analytics

This feature is available in the admin panel and restaurant app. It gives the stats about the app as you can improve the app for betterment.

  • Accept/decline an order

Using this feature, the restaurants can accept or decline the order placed by the customers. It is helpful in case of any shortage of food.

  • Reviews/Ratings

Customers have the option to provide ratings and reviews to the delivery person and restaurant via the app. These will have a great impact on restaurant listings.

  • Payment option

The UberEats Clone app has an in-built payment option that allows users to choose their payment modes. It includes cash payment and digital payments (debit card, credit card, e-wallet, and UPI).

  • Automatic fare estimation

It allows the users to know the price of the food before they confirm the order request. Once the users select the food, it will be added to the cart. They can discard any food from the cart upon knowing the total amount of the order.

  • Live tracking

The live tracking feature helps users know the delivery executives’ location upon accepting the delivery request.

  • Multilingual

Users can prefer their comfortable language in the app. This feature is essential when you plan to launch your food delivery app across the world.

  • Customer management

You can manage the user details, including the number of orders, date & time of the order, and amount of the order.

  • Offer management

You can provide exciting offers, discounts, and coupons to the users. This feature also permits the restaurant that registered with the app can deploy new deals to potential customers.

  • Receive multiple deliveries

The delivery executive can get multiple orders at the same time as this saves their time and effort.

  • View history

It will allow the delivery executives to check the number & type of orders that have been accomplished by them on a particular day, week, or month.

  • Delivery location

The delivery executives can opt for the shortest and best-optimized route to reach the customers’ location on time.

  • Profile creation

The delivery executive has to submit the required documents upon registering with the food delivery clone app.

  • Customize menus

This feature is available in the restaurant app, which allows the restaurant owner to make any modifications to the menu.

Wrap up

The online food delivery segment is at its peak in recent years. Hence, it is a thriving opportunity to kickstart a business with the UberEats Clone app.

If you seek to start a new food delivery venture, you can prefer a readymade Uber Clone script as it is a customizable solution. Stand out from the rivals by launching a feature-rich app right now.