An One Person Company (OPC) can be joined with simply a solitary individual who will be the chief just as the proprietor of the organization. This idea was presented under the arrangements of the Companies Act, 2013. Further, an OPC is a kind of sole ownership firm as an organization that offers extreme power to a solitary individual for maintaining a business while limiting his liabilities and obligations for the business. Further, as indicated by area 2 (62) of the Companies Act, 2013, an organization with only one individual as its chief and part will fall under the ambit of One Person Company or OPC. OPC registration service provider in Bangalore is a ground-breaking idea for the individuals who either have enterprising dreams or the individuals who need to fuse miniature organizations however have no assets, time, or intend to draw in more accomplices for executing the strategy. Further, the idea of OPC Registration can be considered as a combination construction of the customary Private Limited Company and Sole ownership. Thus, the idea of OPC organization appreciates the best of two universes.

Advantages of OPC enlistment in Bangalore

The accompanying recorded are the advantages or the benefits added with the idea of OPC registration in Bangalore:

  • No Minimum Capital Requirement: For getting One Person Company Registration, there is no base sum endorsed for the capital required. In any case, the most extreme approved capital in the event of a Person Company will not, at any rate, surpass the edge furthest reaches of Rs. 50 lakhs anytime.
  • Limited Liability: Another huge advantage attached with the idea of enlistment of One Person Company is of restricted responsibility. This implies that the risk of the concerned chief is restricted to the degree of capital contributed by the person in question in the business. Subsequently, the individual resource and effects of the Director won't be joined in the event of any misfortune brought about by the business.
  • Fewer Compliances: The compliances that are to be clung to for an OPC enrollment are extremely less in contrast with some other organizations. Henceforth, the enrollment of an OPC should be possible effectively that, as well, with the least desk work.
  • Perpetual Succession: The term interminable progression implies that the passing or sickness or the inadequacy of the chief won't influence the continuous issues of the organization as the chosen one will stand firm on the foothold of part and chief in the business around there.
  • Greater Creditability: A-One Person Company is committed to getting its books of record examined every year. This will, consequently, increment the business believability and purchaser, seller fulfillment.
  • No Legal Disputes: It is important to take note that at whatever point an organization registers itself as a Person Company, it closes the odds of any future lawful questions between the chief or any outsider.
  • Privileges for Small Scale Industries: An OPC can profit from every one of the advantages that are offered to limited-scale businesses. These advantages incorporate simple subsidizing that, as well, without keeping insurance security to certain endorsed limits, lower financing costs advances, advantages under the unfamiliar exchange strategy, and so forth In this manner, these advantages assume a critical part in the advancement and improvement of the One Person Company in its underlying long periods of joining.

Document need for one Person organization registration

  • The reports needed for the enlistment of a Person Company in India are as per the following:
  • Copy of the proprietor's PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card
  • Passport-sized photo of the concerned proprietor
  • Copy of the Aadhaar Card or Voter personality card or Driving License of the concerned proprietor
  • Copy of the Rent understanding (If on the off chance that a leased property)
  • Electricity Bill or Water Tax Receipt of the Registered Office
  • Copy of the Property papers or the proprietorship confirmation (For the situation of a possessed property)
  • No-Objection Certificate from the real proprietor

How to get one-person company registration in Bangalore?

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