For fans of WoW Classic TBC, they can relive their nostalgia through World of Warcraft Classic nostalgia all day long. Some new extra content will be shown in the TBC Classic Gold new classic game, and fans will be brought back to the greatest era of World of Warcraft Classic.

World of Warcraft nostalgia players will make many important decisions throughout the game. In their conflict, the decision to join Aldo or an astrologer is unparalleled. After reaching the high level of the 1960s, players have to make their final choice the next time they arrive in Shattrath City.

There are many reasons for this important decision. The quest line, BoP rewards and professional shoulder enchantments in WoW Classic TBC will all be included. Those fans who are looking to choose the right faction guidance here list some of the benefits of both sides.

Aldo aspects have proven to be the most beneficial for most courses. Those who want to get rewards from death strikes to legion missions think that Aldor is a good career. The reason is that it is only open to them.

The horoscope has been favored by Warlock players in World of Warcraft by virtue of its PvE advantage. For those players who need to benefit from the "turning point" mission, they should strongly consider joining this party.

Fans can change their positions after they happen to make the mistake of choosing the wrong faction. Those Burning Crusade Classic Gold characters are considered daunting by gamers who are hated by other factions. If the player wants to leave the astrologer, he must find the NPC named Shanier who provides the "tension supply" task and repeat the task. Players who want to leave Aldo need to find an NPC named Arcanist Adyria. In order to make Scryer's affinity neutral, they need to keep repeating this operation.

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