Australian businessman, Brandon Green is the host of the Lets Go Brandon Green Podcast. He started the podcast in 2022, and has racked up over 40 episodes to date.

Brandon Green has always been a fan of the Joe Rogan podcast.

The Joe Rogan podcast is quite unique in the fact that Joe Rogan is there himself, and talking to many many guests from all over the world. The guests sit live with him in the studio rather than doing podcast episodes recorded remotely using Zoom or a Skype interview. 

However because Joe has such a diverse list of guests, this means that he can have many many fans from all over the world with varying degrees of interest themselves. Brandon has mimicked aspects of the Joe Rogan Experience and includes many elements of the show.

When Brandon first heard the catchphrase “Let's go Brandon!” catch on around the world, he felt excited as that was his name being mentioned globaly to much fanfare and success. Brandon decided that he wanted in on that and soonnamed his podcast the “Let's Go Brandon Green podcast.”

Brandon has had many guests on the podcast. The guests come from very wide and diverse backgrounds.

Many guests from all over the world appear on the show. He’s had doctors, lawyers, authors and even hypnotists sit and record episodes with him.

Brandon gets a lot of entrepreneurs that come on and want to tell the world about what they've done and what they're doing. The same can be said for many of the Life coaches who come on the Let's Go Brandon Green Podcast, to talk about what they've been up to lately too.

After having a successful season 1, Brandon is hoping to have an even bigger season 2.He has a month-long waitlist for podcast guests who wish to come on the show. This is because of the success that the show is now having in terms of listener numbers.

Brandon now has over 1500 subscribers to his YouTube channel he's now aiming to grow his Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok and also Twitter channels. This is for maximum exposure and gains many listeners.

He uses Riverside.Fm to record his episodes. Brandon believes that is the best product to use as a podcast host as it lets the guest and podcast host upload in both High Definitions. This is why the recording of the Brandon green podcast is so good.

Brandon Green lives in Australia, though he has been to many different countries all over the world. He has lived in Japan and Thailand.

He has been on a holiday in Eastern Europe, China, and Colombia. Brandon can relate to many different nationalities. 

If you are interested in listening to the Let's Go Brandon Green’ podcast you can head over to the website at Otherwise you are more than welcome to follow him on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Let's go Brandon!