The identity of influencers has become very common in our daily life. However, when it comes to finding someone to lead the promotion, we find that the influencers are so far away from us! We want to find people through the contact information they left on social media, but we find that the private messages sent are lost in the sea, and we find that the influencers do not match our brand positioning. This is the real picture of how many e-commerce businesses. According to a study by the Association of National Advertisers, 60% of marketers say that identifying the right influencers is their biggest challenge.

Little Super Expo has compiled some dry knowledge about influencers and influencer marketing for you, so let's take a look.

Influencers and influencer marketing

1、What is an influencer?
Influencer: (This article, more emphasis on the influencer with goods, that is, for KOL.) refers to people who have more and more accurate product information, and are accepted or trusted by the relevant audience groups, and have greater influence on the group's buying behavior.

2、What is influencer marketing?
A simple understanding is that influencers drive product consumption and realize traffic realization. Influencers are people who can influence the behavior of community users of related products, leading them to try, buy or learn about the content they publish. These influencers set industry trends, inform audiences, and bring people together around shared interests and values.

On online social platforms, the specific performance is mainly influencers live with goods, short video with goods, etc. I believe you will also be guided by them to buy some products on Shake Shack. This process is influencer marketing.

The advantages of influencer marketing
Simple understanding: " 80% of consumers complete a purchase after seeing an influencer recommend the product on social media."

When an influencer connects with an audience member, it's halfway there because he or she facilitates an authentic product-consumer connection. When consumers trust their favorite creators to endorse a product, they are more likely to express interest, visit your site and convert. The right influencer partnerships help you make a real connection with your target audience. This in turn drives the sale of your product and helps you successfully cash in.

Finding the right Tiktok influencers

1) Influencer type should be in line with your brand ethos

Although it is not easy to promote your product in their non-sponsored daily updates. But if you don't manage to promote your product throughout your daily life, there is a risk that the creator's endorsement will be perceived as inauthentic by the audience. In addition, the type of influencer has to be in line with the spirit of the brand so that the promotional marketing can be more convincing. For example, the choice of spokespersons for mother and baby products, most of them are influencers who have become baby mothers, so as to establish a sense of closeness and trust in front of the majority of consumers of mother and baby products.

Propaganda key data points.
Industry reputation / authority

2) Ensure that the quality of influencers is overwhelming
The quality of the creator can be vetted by pulling some of their most recent posts and reading the comments. High-quality follower engagement is specific, thoughtful, and relevant to the creator's original post. In addition, the best performing influencers work hard to engage their followers' comments, whether they are promoting their brand or not.

The following points can be looked for.
Number of likes 
Number of comments
Number of shares
Likes and comments/shares
Tone of comments

This search method is the most specific, clear, and requires us to collect and organize from a huge database. Once, Xiaochao also spent a lot of time organizing it. Now, I don't want people to waste the same effort as we did. We directly use the Tikmeta platform to serve us. Tikmeta has a database of millions of influencers, so it can help us find TikTok influencers that match our target market based on data analysis. I also found that he is friendly to the selection and marketing needs of cross-border groups such as any MCN agencies, brands and short video creators. Just click in and browse for yourselves when you have time~

3) Make sure influencers accept the brand
If the influencers you find are only for profit, then your influencer marketing will be greatly compromised. Why? Because influencer marketing is all about creating a connection between the product and the consumer. And it is difficult to transmit the brand spirit and product selling points deeply to users just for profit, or to remarket without temperature. This can even damage the image of your company.

You can try to find out if they are passionate about a specific social issue and if it fits your brand beliefs. For example, if your company produces school supplies and your chosen influencers focus on poverty, then later you can design a campaign that benefits all of you and helps their audience buy school bags and notebooks at a significant discount.

That's all the knowledge tips for today, I'm sure you know how to find a matching influencer. In short, finding an influencer that matches your brand equates to a big step in the success of your Tiktok operation. And choosing an easier way to find influencer marketing and product selection on the Tikmeta platform is the icing on the cake. At the same time, we ourselves have to develop a professional operational mindset in order to keep up with the times in Tiktok operations and never be eliminated.