Precautions for the safe operation of gasoline powered water pumps. The matters are as follows:

  1. Before use, be sure to add specified engine oil in the crankcase.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to add gasoline when the engine is running.
  3. It is prohibited to place flammable materials near the exhaust port of the muffler.
  4. The machine should be placed in a flat place for use.
  5. Be sure to add enough water to the pump body before use. The temperature of the remaining water in the pump is high, causing burns.
  6. Before operating the pump, a filter must be installed at the pumping end of the pump to prevent foreign matter from entering, blocking or damaging
  7. Water pumps are forbidden to suck muddy water, waste engine oil, alcohol and other substances.
  8. Pay attention to the detection of poisonous gas when pumping the water in the biogas pipeline well chamber to prevent the danger of explosion.

9.When the petrol water pump is running, pay attention to the tightness of the transmission belt at all times.

10.The bottom valve of the petrol water pump should not be filled with soil to prevent leakage.

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