For instance, if you've got a PKing clan you can build a fighting dungeon like in normal POH's, or RuneScape gold if you have a Skilling established clan, you can make a Contest Room with (such as ) that a Woodcutting Contest Space. Players receive Bronze axes and also the one which woodcutts the maximum logs at a minute wins. Of course you do not get xp and logs have been deleted after the contest. You can even add benefits to your contests.

Now if you want to alter the appearance of the guild or transfer it into different portal, go and speak to the Estate Agent in Varrock. That is the same NPC that moves your own house or modifications is style. You can locate him north of the entry to Varrock sewers. Ask him about changing the appearance of the guild and it's location and you'll be available to change it for a fee.

Now go to the POH portal site and choose the option"I want to visit my own Guild." In the event you want to visit the Guild of this clan you own or choose"Go to some clan guild." And compose your clans name if you would like to go into a guild you don't own. If your friend has created a guild for his clan,"Pking d00ds", choose the"Go to some clan guild." Choice and buy OSRS gold write Pking D00ds. If you're the owner of this clan start constructing the attractions of your Guild.